5th Annual Madison County (Grapevine) Singing

Center Community Center
Petersburg Community, Madison County, North Carolina

Saturday, March 5, 2011

All selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint).

Don Wiley brought the group to order and led
381D, Holy Manna.
Opening prayer was led by Don Wiley.

Leaders were then called:
169t, All-Saints - Don Wiley
63b, Azmon - Mary Baumeister
169b, Devotion (First) - Larry Beveridge
77t, Rockingham (First) - Leslie Booher
174t, Prospect - Jeff Farr
151, Sweet Prospect - Jane Spencer
267, Louisiana - Dan Huger
77b, Cambridge - Chris Wilhelm
313, Bruce's Address - Dan McCarter
89b, Northfield - Scott Swanton
132, Damascus - Julianne Wiley


80t, Caddo - Don Wiley
215t, In That Morning - Mary Baumeister
221t, Pleyel's Hymn - Larry Beveridge
115b, It Is I - Leslie Booher
56b, Sing to Me of Heaven - Jeff Farr
41t, Mediation - Jane Spencer, and guest
52, Newburg - Dan Huger
289b, Happy Land - Chris Wilhelm and Anna Swanton
67b, Dundee - Dan McCarter
204t, Prayer Meeting - Ken George
214, Hosanna - Scott Swanton
293, Lenox - Julianne Wiley

Blessing: Dan Huger

170t, Refuge - Don Wiley
Business Meeting in which Don Wiley was elected chairman for next year.
369, Easter Anthem
248b, Union - Chris Berg
255t, Watchman - Larry Beveridge
51, Lonsdale - Leslie Booher
339, Samanthra - Jeff Farr
318, The Martial Trumpet - Jane Spencer
87b, Hicks' Farewell - Dan Huger
208b, French Broad - Chris Wilhelm, and guest
207t, Windham - Dan McCarter
105b, Resignation - Ken George
133, Juniata - Julianne Wiley


70b, Brown - Don Wiley
128t, Ninety-Fifth - Chris Berg
185b, Corinth - Larry Beveridge
146b, Bangor - Leslie Booher
159t, The Saint's Delight - Jeff Farr
306, Middlebury - Dan Huger
307, True Happiness - Chris Wilhelm
160b, Hebron - Dan McCarter
328b, Pass Me Not - Ken George
26b, Ninety-Third - Julianne Wiley
117, Angel Band - Patti Monahan
76b, Night - Don Wiley


200b, Parting Hand - Don Wiley
Closing Prayer: Chris Wilhelm

There were approximately 24 singers and five visitors. Rainy day, but the spirit was excellent!

Minutes: Leslie Booher

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