Etowah Fall Singing, 97th Year

Etowah Elementary School Gymnasium
Etowah, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, September 4, 2004

To continue using the school, the singing was moved to Saturday.

All selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint).
Leaders often led two songs at a time.

Greeting, and opening prayer, Mr Jimmie Cantrell.

78b, New Britain - Scott Swanton
129t, Coronation
381D, Holy Manna - Mr Bill Matthews
258, Thorny Desert
293, Lenox - Jean Allen
381A, Not Made with Hands- in memory Mr James Egerton
88, Pisgah - June Smathers-Jolley
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven
359, Wondrous Love - Carl Blozan
381C, Twilight is Falling
153, Columbus - Dan Huger
110t, Volunteers
289b, Happy Land - Steve Shearon
89b, Northfield
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
140, Edom
64t, The Penitent's Prayer - Mary Baumeister
36b, Albion
130t, Broomsgrove - Robert Varkony
129b, Christmas
141, Detroit - Chris Berg
58b, Primrose
116t, The Finest Flower - Lee Craig
21, Webster
Blessing, Jim Allen


287, Indian Convert - Scott Swanton
249t, Green Fields
59t, Mear - Jean Allen
299, Green Meadows
216b, Social Band - June Smathers-Jolley
128b, Hester
367, David's Lamentation - Carl Blozan
59b, Dove of Peace
283, Willowby - Dan Huger
145t, Milledgeville
381B, Babylon is Fallen - Diane Eskenasy
128t, Ninety-Fifth
120t, The Lonesome Dove - Mary Baumeister
33b, Lisbon
208b, French Broad - Chris Berg
33t, St. Thomas - Dan Huger
143t, Coleshill
185b, Corinth
36t, Lovely Vine - Scott Swanton
135, Raymond- "by the numbers", in memory of JB Parker
301, John Street - Jean Allen
105b, Resignation


333b, Night is Coming - Tim Aldrich
339, Samanthra - Diane Eskenasy
245t, Bozrah - Mary Baumeister
81b, Whitney
330, Fulfilment - Chris Berg
321t, Olive Shade

200b, Parting Hand
Dismissal, Jim Allen.

The weather was fine; we had about twenty singers.

Minutes by June Smathers-Jolley.

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