Etowah Fall Singing, 103rd Year

Cummings Memorial Methodist Church
Horseshoe, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Three books were used: The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint),
The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing) (songs tagged with 'AL'), and
New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001 (songs tagged with 'NHC').
Leaders typically led two songs at a time.

Scott Swanton welcomed the singers and Rev. William Mendelstamm offered the opening prayer. Scott gave a very brief overview of shapenotes and opened the singing leading
21, Webster
129t, Coronation
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
148, Leander
169t, All-Saints - Don Wiley
215t, In That Morning
214, Hosanna - Dan Huger
318, The Martial Trumpet
194t, Chester - Mary Baumeister
208b, French Broad
212b, Hingham - Chris Wilhelm
212t, Christian Prospect


182t, Rothwell - Robert Varkony
381A, Not Made with Hands - Jean Allen
381C, Twilight is Falling
147t, Fairfield - Ann Strange
171t, Sessions - Leslie Booher
328b, Pass Me Not
198, Creation - Tina Becker
207t, Windham
248b, Union - Dorothy Lane
327, The Christian's Hope
159t, The Saint's Delight - Julianne Wiley
132, Damascus
210t, Old Hundred - Jeff Farr (as a blessing for dinner)
Rev. Mendelstamm offered the Methodist Hymnal verse.


Don Wiley brought back the class with
381D, Holy Manna
255t, Watchman - Anna Swanton and Caitlin Corl, in memory of Ann Beveridge
117, Angel Band
253 (AL), Is It Far? - Diane Eskenasy (by request)
140, Edom - Jeff Farr
60 (NHC), Importunity
135, Raymond - Scott Swanton (by the shapes, numbers, poetry)
157, Hallelujah
89b, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
266, Chrystler's Field - Don Wiley
81t, Maitland


A52 (NHC), Evening Shade - Dan Huger
77t, Rockingham (First)
169b, Devotion (First) - Mary Baumeister
64t, The Penitent's Prayer (by request)
113t (NHC), Sutton - Chris Wilhelm
88, Pisgah (for June Jolley)
223t, Hendon - Robert Varkony
87t, Zerah
245t, Bozrah - Ann Strange
145 (NHC), Oliphant
188t (AL), He Loves Me - Leslie Booher
80b (NHC), Shawmut
35 (NHC), Ninety-Fifth - Tina Becker (or perhaps Ninety-Third on p 25?)
76b, Night
254b, Sicily - Julianne Wiley
339, Samanthra
24 (NHC), Salvation - Jeff Farr
55b, Idumea - Anna Swanton and Caitlin Corl
289b, Happy Land

Business Meeting: elections for next spring - Chris Wilhelm, president; Scott Swanton, vice-president; Anna Swanton, secretary; Betty Swanton, hospitality; Tim Aldrich, treasurer.
The singing will be here, at Cummings Memorial in Horseshoe, on 30 April 2011.


200b, Parting Hand
Closing prayer - Don Wiley

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

Thanks to Cummings Memorial Methodist Church for making us welcome once again.

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