30th Annual Mountain Heritage Day Shape-Note Singing

Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, Jackson County, North Carolina
Saturday, 25 September 2004

The morning session was sung from the 1991 revision of the Sacred Harp.

32t-Corinth, Hugh McGraw
Opening Prayer, Michael Nichols
64-Nashville, Mr McGraw
114-The Saint's Delight, Mike Nichols
128-The Promised Land

Mr Nichols introduced Dr James Dooley, retired Vice-Chancellor of the University, who welcomed the singers, and spoke im memory of Dr Eva Adcock, founder of the Mountain Heritage Day singing.

124-Greenfields, Dr Dooley
77b-Holcombe, John Hollingsworth
176b-Blooming Youth, John Plunkett
475-A Thankful Heart, Judy Mincey
59-Holy Manna, Henry Zittrouer
87-Sweet Canaan
46-Let Us Sing, Anita Landess
86-Poland, Dan Huger
34t-The Gospel Pool, Lee Rogers
454-The Better Land
222-Ocean, Ed Smith
75- I Will See Jesus
557-Jacob's Vision, Willie Israel
515-Federal Street
373-Homeward, Barbara Denson
101t-Canaan's Land
49b-Mear, Jane Spencer
117-Babylon is Fallen
159-Wondrous Love, Carl Blozan
148-Jefferson, Mary Baumeister
164-Duane Street, Meg Denson
388-The Happy Sailor
145b-Sweet Affliction, Mr McGraw
45t-New Britain (for and with Jack Parrish)

Blessing, Dan Huger


The afternoon session was from Christian Harmony. All selections "Carolina book" except "Alabama book" as noted.

61t-North Carolina, Dan Huger

Mike Nichols again welcomed the singers; as did Dr Dooley, who led 255-Watchman.

214-Hosanna, Mr McGraw
23b-Evening Hymn, John Hollingsworth
51-Lonsdale, Will Peebles
198-Creation, Willie Israel
381A-Not Made with Hands, Ed Smith
353-Bower of Prayer
274 (AL)-Mother Tell Me of the Angels, Ralph Parker
117-Angel Band
299-Green Meadows, Anne Lough
298b-Happy Land
70b-Brown, Dot Lane
215-In That Morning
344-Morality, Edna Vickers
171t-Sessions, Jane Spencer
304-Blue Vale of Naucoochee, John Plunkett
339-Samanthra, Barbara Denson
209b-French Broad, Anita Landess
59b-Dove of Peace
55b-Idumea, Den George
280t-Zion, Judy Mincey
162-Heavenly Light of Eden, Lee Rogers
249-Greenfields, Greg Smith
248 (AL)-Twilight is Falling
29 (AL)-Midnight Cry, Mike Nichols
367-David's Lamentation
148-Leander, Carl Blozan
217-Jerusalem, Willie Israel


200b-Parting Hand
Closing Prayer, John Hollingsworth

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10 October 2004