9th Annual Nan Herring (Furman) Singing

Nan Herring Pavilion, Daniel Music Building, Furman University
Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina

Saturday, May 13, 2006

All selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition, and The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint). Leaders often led two songs at a time.

First morning session: Christian Harmony

Chairman Frances Carnell called the singing to order, leading
21, Webster.
Opening prayer, John Plunkett.
264, Harwell - Frances Carnell
110t, Volunteers - Dan Huger
49, Forever with the Lord
198, Creation - Lee Rogers
214, Hosanna
284, Rapture - John Plunkett
285, Farewell, Brother
31b, Time - John Hollingsworth
24t, Volusia
261t, The Good Shepherd - Jane Spencer
88, Pisgah


Chair called class into business meeting. It was moved and seconded to open meeting; unanimous.
It was moved and seconded to reelect the same officers (Chair: Frances Carnell; Vice Chair: Dan Huger; Secretary: Lee Rogers; Chaplain: John Plunkett); unanimous.
It was moved and seconded to close meeting: unanimous.

Second morning session: Sacred Harp.

36b, Ninety-Fifth - Frances Carnell
51, My Home - Leon Carnell
481, Novakoski
490, My Shepherd Guides - Henry Zittrouer
565, The Hill of Zion
335, Return Again - Jonathon Smith
542, I'll Seek His Blessings
157, Essay - Lucy Sandidge
84, Amsterdam
569t, Emmaus - Anita Landess
480, Redemption
107, Russia - Steve Walker
49b, Mear
128, The Promised Land - Bill Burns
117, Babylon is Fallen
362, Norwich - Chris Wilhelm
86, Poland
499, At Rest - Mary Baumeister
56b, Villulia
Blessing, John Plunkett


First afternoon session: Christian Harmony

381A, Not Made with Hands - Ken George
328b, Pass Me Not
159t, The Saint's Delight - Chris Wilhelm
77b, Cambridge
235, Faithful Soldier - Dorothy Lane
249t, Green Fields
279, Oliphant - Lucy Sandidge
36t, Lovely Vine
269t, Restoration - Sarah Jane Thomas
299, Green Meadows
171t, Sessions - Frances Carnell
103b, Fish Pond
136, Sherburne - Steve Walker
248b, Union
206b, Supplication - Mary Baumeister
170t, Refuge


Second afternoon session: Sacred Harp

501, O'Leary - Frances Carnell
460, Sardis
228, Marlborough - Lee Rogers
178, Africa - John Plunkett
47t, Primrose (for Bill Hollingsworth, in England, listening by cell phone....he said, Thank you)
547, Granville - Michael Spencer
164, Duane Street - Anita Landess
114, Saint's Delight
569b, Sacred Throne - Ken George
148, Jefferson - Jonathon Smith
282, I'm Going Home
254, Rose of Sharon (by request)
232, Baptismal Anthem - Jane Spencer
122, All Is Well

347, Christian's Farewell - Dan Huger
Closing Prayer, John Plunkett.

It is still a great room to sing in. The day was bright, but rather cool.
There were about thirty-five singers at one time or the other....
Thank you again to Jean and John Gaston, for being such excellent hosts.
Minutes, thanks to Lee Rogers and Mary Baumeister and Dan Huger.

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