The 4th Annual Calvary-Fletcher Singing

Calvary Episcopal Church
Fletcher, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, June 11, 2005

All selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint).
Leaders typically led two songs at a time.

Welcome and Opening Prayer - Dan Huger
21, Webster - Dan Huger
128t, Ninety-Fifth
55b, Idumea - Larry Beveridge
130b, Passing Away
245t, Bozrah - Jeff Farr
64t, The Penitent's Prayer - Mary Baumeister
206b, Supplication
67b, Dundee - Chris Wilhelm
77b, Cambridge
359, Wondrous Love - Carl Blozan
381A, Not Made with Hands


204t, Prayer Meeting - Ken George
255t, Watchman
110t, Volunteers - June Smathers-Jolley
248b, Union
115b, It Is I - Lucy Sandidge
214, Hosanna
59t, Mear - Dan Huger

Blessing - Henry Mizzell

261t, The Good Shepherd - Dan Huger
105b, Resignation - Steve Walker
88, Pisgah
367, David's Lamentation - Steve Dodd
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven
198, Creation - Larry Beveridge
321t, Olive Shade
159t, The Saint's Delight - Jeff Farr
256t, Pleading Saviour
153, Columbus - Mary Baumeister
63t, Condescension
333b, Night is Coming - Chris Wilhelm
60b, China
135, Raymond - Carl Blozan (by the shapes and by the numbers)
381C, Twilight is Falling


117, Angel Band - Ken George
225b, Martin
217, Jerusalem - June Smathers-Jolley
95b, Canaan's Land
51, Lonsdale - Lucy Sandidge
268, Come Ye to the Waters
269t, Restoration - Steve Walker
264, Harwell
381B, Babylon is Fallen - Steve Dodd
339, Samanthra


200b, Parting Hand

Dismissal - Larry Beveridge.

There were about 30 people present during the day.
The weather was wet, finally becoming simply overcast.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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