The 14th Camp DoReMi—2021

Wildacres Retreat
Little Switzerland, McDowell County, North Carolina

Thursday, August 12, 2021 to Sunday, August 15, 2021

The 14th session of Camp DoReMi was held at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC, from August 12th through August 15th. Books used during the singing school were The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition, and New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001.

Officers for the camp were Jonathon Smith—Director; Jane Cannon—Assistant Director; Chris Wilhelm—Librarian.

Instructors and classes: Hayden Arp taught Leading Workshops I & II;
Erin Fulton taught The Good Old Songs, Volumes 1 & 2, What Hymn Meter Can Tell You About Genre, and Why Choctaws Sing Christian Harmony;
Idy Keiser taught Crafts;
Keillor Mose taught Accent & Rhythm, and Exploring the Harmonia Sacra;
Ian Quinn taught Rudiments I and II with Seven Shape Exercises;
Nathan Rees taught Reviewing the Basics—Question & Answers;
Jonathon Smith taught Open Secrets of The New Harp;
Nicholas Thompson taught Dinner on the Grounds.

Evening Singing, Thursday, August 12th

The Christian Harmony session:
105t, Tender Care - Jonathon Smith
61t, North Carolina - Jane Cannon
453t, De Beza - Chris Wilhelm
546t, The Holy Spirit - Andy Morse
263, Autumn - Mary Baumeister
544, Life's Troubles - Dave Farmer
193, Kay - Michael Spencer
396t, Adams - Leslie Booher
81t, Maitland - Jon Giles
24b, Fredrica - Claudia Dean
67b, Dundee - Brenda Dunlap
16, The Finest Flower - Lisa Bennett
155, Solemn Call - Ben Fink
397b, Bedan - Judy Mincey
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old - Phil Perrin
265, Mourner's Lamentation - Eli Snyder

The New Harp of Columbia session:
A19, Old Hundred - Keillor Mose
180, Whitestown - Thom Fahrbach
84, The Midnight Cry - Anita Landess and Ben Fink
125t, Thou Art Passing Away - Ian Quinn
157, Creation - David Smead
74, Never Part Again - Lois Porter and Ben Fink
13, Reflection - Jonathon Smith

Secretary & Arranging—Jane Cannon.

Evening Singing Friday, August 13th

The New Harp of Columbia session:
66, Clinton - Jonathon Smith
67t, Soda - Nathan Rees
30, Sion's Security - Chris Wilhelm for the Summers Farr family
35, Ninety-Fifth - David Wilson
124, The Saint's Adieu - Hayden Arp
115, Northfield - Michael Darby
147b, Mexico - Erin Fulton
72b, Chimes - Ben Fink
126, Lucas - Claudia Dean
118, Celebration - Michael Spencer

Christian Harmony session:
364, Redemption (Second) - Nicholas Thompson
59t, Mear - Laura Ann Russell
13, Traveler's Hope - Stina Soderling
11, Minister's Farewell - Erica Hinton
120, Home in the Sky - Betsy Jeronen
322, Among that Band - Jon Giles
281t, Am I Born to Die? - Keillor Mose
280, Zion - Judy Mincey
245, Bozrah - Corinne Serfass
176, Heavenly Treasures - Thom Fahrbach
338b, Davis - Dave Farmer (in memory of his mother, on her birthday)
279, Lecil - Jane Cannon (for Ron Pen and in memory of Helen Pen)
529, Worship - Mary Baumeister
112, Bush Hills - Ian Quinn
432b, Fish Pond - Eli Snyder (in memory of Gary Poe)
68, Bright Mansions - Tim Gregg
255, Watchman (Second) - Leslie Booher (in memory of Gary Poe)
117, Angel Band - Phil Perrin
515, Olive Shade - Lisa Bennett
215, In That Morning - Tristan Gordon
64, Youthful Blessings - Andy Morse (for his friend Laura, whose parents died recently)
81b, Eternal Joys - David Smead
549b, The Drone - Jonathon Smith

Secretary—Jane Cannon, Arranging—Nicholas Thompson.

Evening Singing Saturday, August 14th

The New Harp of Columbia session:
A144, Salutation - Jonathon Smith
A74, Davisson's Retirement - Thom Fahrbach
68t, Paradise - Jane Cannon
A59, New Durham - Andy Morse
A125, Cumberland - Erin Fulton
103, Canton - Claudia Dean
51, Mount Olivet - Nathan Rees
108b, Harwell - Phil Perrin
114t, Zion - Leslie Booher
21b, Mendon - Tristan Gordon
121, Seaman - Judy Mincey
70, Brooklyn - Ian Quinn (in memory of his mother Quinn McDonald)
31, Native Country - Mary Baumeister
A80, Indian Philosopher - David Smead

The Christian Harmony session:
103, Derrick - Michael Spencer and Eli Snyder (for Shannon Primm)
144b, Walk with God - Stina Soderling
111b, Judkins - Jon Giles
355, Homeward Bound - Betsy Jeronen
189, One by One - Kerry Cullinan
133, Juniata - Nicholas Thompson (for his grandmother)
238, Child's Wish - Keillor Mose
206, Prayer Meeting - David Wilson
316, This Heavy Load - Brenda Dunlap
172, The Grand Highway - Hayden Arp
154, Happy Time - Corinne Serfass
138, Rest in the Kingdom - Ben Fink
419t, Rockingham (First) - Michael Darby
546t, The Holy Spirit - Eli Snyder
546b, Oak Grove - Mary Baumeister
455b, Rockbridge - Jonathon Smith

Secretary—Jane Cannon, Arranging—Thom Fahrbach.

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