8th Annual Madison County (Grapevine) Singing

Center Community Center
Petersburg Community, Madison County, North Carolina

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Selections were from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint) (tagged with 'CHw'), and from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition (tagged with 'CH10').

Don Wiley welcomed the singers, gave a brief introduction to shape note singing, and opened the singing with
21 (CHw), Webster;
he then offered the opening prayer.

77b (CHw), Cambridge - Julianne Wiley
175t (CHw), Breaker - Jane Spencer
67b (CHw), Dundee - William Simerly
545 (CH10), Mount Vernon - Leslie Booher (by request)
225b (CHw), Martin - Chris Berg
327 (CHw), The Christian's Hope - Dorothy Lane
67t (CHw), Peterboro - Mary Baumeister
171t (CHw), Sessions - Jeff Farr
36t (CHw), Lovely Vine - Chris Wilhelm (with additional verses from handout)
128t (CHw), Ninety-Fifth - Don Wiley
129t (CHw), Coronation - Julianne Wiley
64 (CH10), Youthful Blessings - Jane Spencer
507t (CH10), Union - William Simerly


89 (CH10), Northfield - Leslie Booher
165 (CH10), Babylon is Fallen - Chris Berg
215t (CHw), In That Morning - Dorothy Lane
174t (CHw), Prospect - Mary Baumeister
306 (CHw), Middlebury - Jeff Farr
319 (CHw), Weary Pilgrim - Chris Wilhelm
170t (CHw), Refuge - Don Wiley
294 (CHw), Carmarthen - Julianne Wiley
41t (CH10), Mediation - Jane Spencer
88 (CH10), Pisgah - William Simerly
138 (CH10), Rest in the Kingdom - Leslie Booher
58b (CHw), Primrose - Chris Berg

Break for lunch; Jeff Farr offered the Grace.

80t (CHw), Caddo - Don Wiley
133 (CHw), Juniata - Dorothy Lane
169t (CHw), All-Saints - Mary Baumeister
258 (CHw), Thorny Desert - Jeff Farr
368 (CHw), Funeral Anthem - Chris Wilhelm
77t (CHw), Rockingham (First) - Dan Huger
61t (CHw), North Carolina - Don Wiley
191b (CHw), Oh! Turn, Sinner - Julianne Wiley
302 (CHw), Olivers - Jane Spencer
293 (CH10), Lenox - William Simerly
184 (CH10), Where We'll Never Grow Old - Leslie Booher


208b (CH10), French Broad - Chris Berg
151 (CH10), Sweet Prospect - Dorothy Lane
60t (CHw), Dunlaps Creek - Mary Baumeister
48 (CHw), Mount Helicon - Jeff Farr
219b (CHw), Day-Star - Chris Wilhelm
198 (CHw), Creation - Dan Huger (for Willie)
106 (CHw), Sweet Rivers - Bill White (with Mary Baumeister)
87b (CHw), Hicks' Farewell - Don Wiley
132 (CHw), Damascus - Julianne Wiley
276 (CH10), Worlds Beyond the Sky - Jane Spencer
95b (CHw), Canaan's Land - Barbara Denson (with Dan Huger)
509b (CH10), The Good Shepherd - William Simerly
76b (CHw), Night - Don Wiley (as the closing song)
Dorothy Lane offered the closing prayer.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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