The 18th Annual Old St. John's Singing

Old St. John's Historic Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina

Saturday, December 7, 2013 and Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saturday singing from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition; Sunday singing from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.

The Christian Harmony singing at Old St. John's Historic Church was called to order by Jane Spencer leading 465t. Dorothy Lane gave the opening prayer.
Leaders: Dorothy Lane 61t; Michael Spencer 13; Steve Helwig 189; Chris Wilhelm 65; Roger Keane 67b; Jonathan Wood 491; Hayden Arp 64; David Wilson 109; Julianne Wiley 509b; Jerusha Wheeler 51; Guy Bankes 50; Claudia Dean 266; Henry Johnson 274; Judy Mincey 133; William Simerly 293.


Jane Spencer reconvened the singing with 135. Leaders: Martha Hubert 255; Mike Richards 149; Robert Kelley 18; Leslie Booher 513; John Plunkett 477; Steve Walker 342; Michael Walker 103, for Shannon Primm; Mary Baumeister 386, for Sharon Kellam; Bradley Knoke 537; Matt Hinton 346; Don Wiley 421b; Becky Walker 490; Michael Spencer 401b; William Simerly 289; Julianne Wiley 443; Jonathan Wood 548; Jane Spencer 1. John Plunkett returned thanks for the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Michael Walker leading 355. Leaders: Steve Helwig 172; Guy Bankes 507t; Jerusha Wheeler 94; Mike Richards 419t; Matt Hinton 432b; John Plunkett 527; Judy Mincey 304; Henry Johnson 256t; Robert Kelley 198; Anya Skibbie 16; Michael Walker 276; David Wilson 128b; Hayden Arp 316; Phil Perrin 360; Roger Keane 245; Chris Wilhelm 215, for Betty Swanton.


Leaders: Jane Spencer and David Wilson 184, for Myrtle Gregg; Bradley Knoke 54; Becky Walker 137; Don Wiley and Rhodyjane Meadows and Ellie Hjemmet 142; Rhodyjane Meadows and Dorothy Lane 107, for Sharon Kellam; Mary Baumeister 476t; Steve Walker 167t; Leslie Booher 544; Claudia Dean 336t; Jane Spencer 155, for Jonathon Smith and Nathan Rees. Jane Spencer led 200 as the final lesson and Judy Mincey led in prayer.

On Sunday, December 8, Jane Spencer opened the Sacred Harp singing with 31t. Leaders: Michael Spencer 166; Dorothy Lane 159; Mike Richards 171; Anya Skibbie 178; Mary Baumeister 28t; David Wilson 63; Chris Wilhelm 481; Jonathan Wood 354t; Claudia Dean 285t; Bradley Knoke 81t; Judy Mincey 81b, for Shannon Primm; Guy Bankes 556; Erica Hinton 228; Robert Kelley 372; Jerusha Wheeler 344; Dave Farmer 273; Hayden Arp 149; Henry Johnson 138t.


Leaders: Jane Spencer 207; Steve Helwig 400; Michael Walker 377; Eli Hinton 77t; John Plunkett 232; Matt Hinton 234; Jane Spencer and Hayden Arp 225b; Mike Richards 236; Anya Skibbie 503; Claudia Dean 433; David Wilson 49b; Chris Wilhelm 373; Bradley Knoke 512; Mary Baumeister 80t; Dorothy Lane 417; Michael Spencer 278t; Robert Kelley 553; Jerusha Wheeler 551. Matt Hinton returned thanks for the noon meal.


Jane Spencer opened the afternoon session with 102. Leaders: Steve Helwig 426t; Henry Johnson 82b; Anna Hinton 40; Judy Mincey 347; Jonathan Wood 365; Matt Hinton 186; Dave Farmer 223; Erica Hinton 39b; Hayden Arp 428; Michael Walker 306; Phil Perrin 59; John Plunkett 280; Guy Bankes 444; Claudia Dean 91; Michael Spencer 382; Robert Kelley 313b; Mary Baumeister 50t; Jerusha Wheeler 504; Mike Richards 532; Bradley Knoke 158; Erica Hinton 492; Steve Helwig 351; Matt Hinton 174; Judy Mincey 540; Jonathan Wood 572; Michael Walker 69t; Guy Bankes 538; Jane Spencer and Dorothy Lane 455; Henry Johnson 288; Dave Farmer 454; Phil Perrin 73b; Jane Spencer 349; Hayden Arp 204; Anya Skibbie 47b. The class sang Happy Birthday to Hayden Arp, who then requested 436, led by Michael Walker. We agreed to hold a 2-day singing on the equivalent weekend in December 2014. Jane Spencer, Dorothy Lane and Chris Wilhelm led 267 as the final lesson and Henry Johnson closed the singing with prayer.

Chairman—Jane Spencer; Vice Chairman—Dorothy Lane; Arranging—Steve Helwig, Hayden Arp; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm.

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