The 13th Annual Camp DoReMi—2019

Wildacres Retreat
Little Switzerland, McDowell County, North Carolina

Thursday, August 15, 2019 to Sunday, August 18, 2019

The 13th Annual session of Camp DoReMi was held at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC, from August 15th through August 18th. Books used during the singing school were The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition, and New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001. There was an additional singing from The Georgian Harmony, 2nd ed., 2012.

Officers for the camp were Jonathon Smith—Director; Jane Cannon—Assistant Director; Chris Wilhelm—Librarian.

Instructors: Hayden Arp, Nick Gattis, John Hollingsworth, Sasha Hsucyzk, Carol Huang, Keillor Mose, Sadhbh O'Flynn, Ian Quinn, Nathan Rees, Michael Spencer, Michael Walker, and Becky Wright.

Thursday night singing

The Christian Harmony session:
261t, Come Thou Fount - Laura Hodges
61t, North Carolina - Jane Cannon
235, Faithful Soldier - Jonathon Smith (for Dorothy Lane)
121t, Prosperity - Carol Huang
459t, All-Saints - Mary Baumeister
109, Not Made with Hands - Joe Holbert
155, Solemn Call - Hayden Arp
164t, Convict - Leslie Booher
322, Among that Band - Jon Giles
437, The Dying Penitent - Michael Walker
13, Traveler's Hope - Sadhbh O'Flynn
438, The Mouldering Vine (Second) - Erin Fulton
36b, Albion - Chris Wilhelm
14, I'll Serve My Lord - Andy Morse
308, The Happy Time - Mike Richards
121b, Greensboro - Sasha Hsucyzk
162, Redeemed Singers - Ruth Wampler
421b, Caddo - Tammy Powell


New Harp of Columbia session:
74, Never Part Again - Robin Goddard
161, Ballstown - Keillor Mose
68t, Paradise - Maggie Zhou
39b, St. Martin's - Claudia Dean
158, Montgomery - Sam Kleinman
118, Celebration - Michael Spencer
13, Reflection - Rachel Speer
134, Indian's Farewell - Becky Wright
90b, Marietta - Gabriel Kyne
25, Ninety-Third - Laura Hodges

Chair—Laura Hodges; Secretary—Rachel Speer; Arranging—Jane Cannon; Chaplain—Maggie Zhou; Keying—Michael Walker and Andy Morse.

Friday, August 16th
Rudiments I—Sadhbh O'Flynn;
Singing with Accent—Hayden Arp;
The Bass Part—Ian Quinn;
Discovering The Harmonia Sacra—Keillor Mose;
The Alto Part—Sasha Hsucyzk;
Keying—Carol Huang;
The Songs of O.A. Parris—Ian Quinn;
Composing in Seven Shapes—Becky Wright;
William Walker's Christian Harmony and Southern Harmony—Michael Walker;
Singing from the Daily Book and The Primitive Baptist Hymnal—Becky Wright;
Brethren Hymnal and Spiritual Hymns—Ruth Wampler.

Friday night singing

The New Harp of Columbia session:
180, Whitestown - Sasha Hsucyzk
67b, New Year - Hayden Arp
50, Benevento - José Camacho
162, Merdin - Tom Ivey
67t, Soda - Shannon Primm
32, Farewell - Ruth Wampler
121, Seaman - Ian Quinn
A63, New-Market - Eli Snyder
99, Morning Trumpet - Robin Goddard
11, Old Hundred - Michael Walker
68t, Paradise - Gabriel Kyne
30, Sion's Security - Sadhbh O'Flynn
66, Clinton - Nathan Rees
109, Bruce's Address - Rachel Speer


Christian Harmony session:
291, Warrenton - Sasha Hsucyzk
406, Luther - Tim Gregg
380, Christian Song - John Hollingsworth
278, God Holds the Future - Sharon Strong
411, The Trumpeters - Zack Lindahl
133, Juniata - Janie Short
537, Crucifixion - Bill Hollingsworth
70b, Brown - Alice Beattie
145b, Fiducia - Joshua Lant
64, Youthful Blessings - Tammy Powell
16, The Finest Flower - Jasmine Mendoza
67b, Dundee - Sue Peters
296, He's Holding My Hand - Andy Morse
304, Blue Vale of Naucoochee - Nick Gattis
129, Coronation - Cliff Hall
455b, Rockbridge - Sasha Hsucyzk

Chair—Sasha Hsucyzk; Secretary—Erin Fulton; Arranging—Hayden Arp; Chaplain—José Camacho; Keying—Becky Wright and Jon Giles.

Saturday, August 17th
Rudiments II—Becky Wright;
Learning Intervals—Sadhbh O'Flynn;
The Tenor and Treble Parts—Michael Walker;
Meet the Harp of Columbia—Nathan Rees;
Leading Workshop—Nathan Rees and Carol Huang;
Singing by Ear—Ian Quinn;
The Tunebooks of Amos Hayden—Nick Gattis;
Singing Together—Sasha Hsucyzk;
The Christian Harmony 2010 Revision—Michael Spencer and Panel;
Repeats and Roadmaps—Hayden Arp;
New Compositions Singing—Becky Wright.

Saturday night singing

The Christian Harmony session:
326, Royal Proclamation - Sam Kleinman
316, This Heavy Load - Julius Pasay
54, My Trust - Clarke Williams
30b, Dennis - Mako Cook
63t, Condescension - Zack Lindahl
261b, Alone - John Hollingsworth
93, Something New - Tim Morton
546b, Oak Grove - Leslie Booher
206, Prayer Meeting - Jon Giles
59b, Dove of Peace - Stefani Priskos
369, Easter Anthem - Bill Hollingsworth
145b, Fiducia - Lydia Lewallen
458, Rolland - Tim Cook
264, Harwell - Mike Richards
176, Heavenly Treasures - Carol Huang
82b, Gospel Waves - Tom Ivey
282, Friendship - Joe Holbert
276, Worlds Beyond the Sky - Alice Beattie
303, The Unclouded Day - Janie Short


Leader's Choice session:
122 (NHC), Summer - Nathan Rees
124 (NHC), The Saint's Adieu - Jane Cannon
184 (CH10), Where We'll Never Grow Old - José Camacho
329 (CH10), Redeeming Grace - Becky Wright
367 (CH10), David's Lamentation - Cliff Hall
138 (CH10), Rest in the Kingdom - Maggie Zhou
100 (CH10), Tennessee - Keillor Mose
A74 (NHC), Davisson's Retirement - Erin Fulton
112 (CH10), Bush Hills - Ian Quinn
339 (CH10), Samanthra - Jasmine Mendoza
24b (CH10), Fredrica - Tim Gregg
26 (NHC), Erin - Mary Baumeister
236t (CH10), Pacolet - Michael Walker
107 (CH10), Resignation (First) - Nick Gattis
44b (CH10), Dunlap's Creek - Sue Peters
265 (CH10), Mourner's Lamentation - Jonathon Smith and Sam Kleinman

Chair—Sam Kleinman; Arranging—Ruth Wampler; Secretary—Claudia Dean; Chaplain—Zack Lindahl; Keying—Hayden Arp and Carol Huang.

Sunday 18 August

Singing from The Georgian Harmony.

Chairman John Hollingsworth opened the singing with
15, Admonition
and offered the opening prayer.

The following songs were chosen:
152, John
206, The Humble Sinner
143, Sand Hill
198, Majestic
200, Harvest
83, Morning Devotion
208, Ila
233, An Easter Song
63, Psalm 30
36, Comfort
136, Thus Spake Matthew, A Short Anthem
22, Adoration
255, Christian Farewell
51, Pilgrim
45, A Prayer at Parting
184, Legend
178, Moravia
95, Harbor
86, Cedar Creek
90, The Stork Carol
54, John 3:37
108, Invocation
109, Lloyd
25, Humility

Closing prayer: Bill Hollingsworth.

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