The 20th (?) Annual Webster Singing

Webster United Methodist Church
Webster, Jackson County, North Carolina

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint);
Singers usually led two songs at a time.

Will Peebles welcomed the group and opened the singing with
21, Webster
Dan Huger gave the opening prayer.
61t, North Carolina - Will Peebles
60t, Dunlaps Creek - Mary Baumeister
121t, Prosperity
121b, Greensborough - Dan Huger
61b, Gaines
88, Pisgah - Julianne Wiley
128b, Hester
169t, All-Saints - Don Wiley
163t, Hollis
146b, Bangor - Leslie Booher
145b, Consolation
159b, Long-Sought Home - Ken George
60b, China
82b, Nightingale - Mike Nichols
77t, Rockingham (First)
344, Morality - Will Peebles
103b, Fish Pond
63t, Condescension - Mary Baumeister
63b, Azmon
38b, Euphrates - Dan Huger
198, Creation
141, Detroit - Julianne Wiley
178b, Duke Street
57b, Kambia - Don Wiley
221t, Pleyel's Hymn
Dan Huger led 67b, Dundee as our luncheon grace.


80t, Caddo - Leslie Booher
359, Wondrous Love
355, Homeward Bound - Ken George
255t, Watchman (in memory of Ann Beveridge)
185t, Park Street - Mike Nichols
342t, Blest Morn
51, Lonsdale - Will Peebles
89b, Northfield
381A, Not Made with Hands - Carl Blozan
320, Urmund
321t, Olive Shade - Mary Baumeister
300, Desire
322t, Little Worth - Dan Huger
332, Babylonian Captivity
369, Easter Anthem (by request)
339, Samanthra - Julianne Wiley
215t, In That Morning
41b, Ardor - Don Wiley
231t, King of Peace
115b, It Is I - Leslie Booher
171t, Sessions
381C, Twilight is Falling - Carl Blozan
135, Raymond (by the shapes, numbers, poetry)
42t, Rosalie - Mike Nichols
238b, Heavenly Armor
55b, Idumea - Ken George


Will Peebles closed the singing leading
200b, Parting Hand
Dan Huger gave the closing prayer.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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