10th? Annual Rusk County Singing Convention

Old Pine Grove Church
Henderson, Rusk County, Texas

Saturday, April 21, 2018 and Sunday, April 22, 2018

Saturday, April 21

The 10th annual Rusk County Singing met Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April at Old Pine Grove Church near Henderson, Texas. The tune book for Saturday was The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition. With the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, John Berendzen, called the class to order leading 26b. Gaylon Powell offered the opening prayer.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—John Berendzen; Vice Chairman—Cheryl Foreman; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

Leaders: John Berendzen 472; Cheryl Foreman 264, 75; Gaylon Powell 332, 155; Robert Vaughn 74, 146t; Chris Nicholson 67b, 67t; Janie Short 81t, 255; Robert Stoddard 258, 206.


John Berendzen called the class back leading 261t. Leaders: Henry McGuire 322, 168; Kristie Powell 138, 548; Eva Striebeck 507t, 70b, for Chris Brown; Ron Trial 50, 172; Sonny Erwin 189, 76b; Ellen Ray 103, 105t; Elizabeth Stoddard 442, 399t.

Dismissed for lunch, Sonny Erwin asked the blessing for the noon meal.


John Berendzen called the class back to order leading 142. He then appointed the memorial committee: Lisa Matt and Kristie Powell. Leaders: Rick Foreman 283, 509b; Nancy Price 143, 184; Kerry Cullinan 336t, 356; Tammy Powell 19, 64; Lisa Matt 16, 432b; Mike Hinton 539; Eva Striebeck 544; Robert Stoddard 180; Ron Trial 459t.


Cheryl Foreman called the class back to order leading 498. Leaders: Elizabeth Stoddard 133; Kerry Cullinan 362; Henry McGuire 82b; John Berendzen 418b; Janie Short 158; Mike Hinton 31t; Nancy Price 228; Tammy Powell 421b; Cheryl Foreman 49; Lisa Matt 117; Kristie Powell 256; Ellen Ray 203; Sonny Erwin 214; Chris Nicholson 490; Gaylon Powell 493b; Robert Vaughn 221b.

John Berendzen led 549t for the closing song. The singing was closed with prayer by Robert Stoddard.

Sunday, April 22

The Sunday session of the convention was held in conjunction with the Pine Grove Cemetery Homecoming. The tune book for Sunday was The B. F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book), 2012 Revision. John Berendzen called the class to order leading 39. Rick Foreman offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: John Berendzen 105t; Cheryl Foreman 106, 101b; Gaylon Powell 510, 482; Robert Vaughn 357, 383; David Rousseau 127, 283; Janie Short 505, 99; Will McGuire 201, 268b; Kim Vaughn 558, 528b; Carole Watts 50t, 559; Mike Hinton 567, 400; Elizabeth Stoddard 591, 150; Nancy Price 361, 573.


John Berendzen called the class back together leading 451. Leaders: Kristie Powell 273, 514; Don Ross 373, 390; Kerry Cullinan 344, 199; Eva Striebeck 38t, 572; Lisa Matt 282, 59t; Robert Stoddard 176b, 133; Henry McGuire 522, 518.

Memorial Lesson: Kristie Powell made a few remarks and read the list of names of the sick and shut ins: Landis and Charlotte Powell, Curtis Owen, Myrl Jones, Azalea Barnett, Max Berendzen, Chris Brown, Lynne DeBenedette, Cath Tyler, and Mary Stanley. Lisa Matt led 444t in their honor.

Kristie Powell made few remarks concerning those that passed away in the past year, and read the list of names: Sacred Harp singers and supporters—Edith Owen, Jane Goforth, Hugh McGraw, Mary Frank Dunn, T. J. Funderburk, Frank Price, Amy Denison, Louise Holland, Susie Denson, Gene Wootten, Steve Helwig, Daphine Causey, Floy Wilder, Eloise Wootten, Maurice Trial, Darrell Swarens, Berkley Moore, Rila Mae Cullinan, and Peter Nichols; Burial in Pine Grove Cemetery—Mary Gossett. Lisa Matt led 587 in their memory. The memorial lesson closed with prayer by Elder Robert Vaughn. The noon prayer was offered at the dinner tables.


Sonny Erwin called singers back leading 464, 569. Leaders: Ellen Ray and Nancy Burgett 546, 392; Ron Trial 461, 91; Diane Ross 112, 450; Tammy Powell 137, 142; Chris Nicholson 96, 264; Natalie Fletcher 463, 401; Kerry Cullinan 393; Eva Striebeck 449; Robert Stoddard 478; Henry McGuire 486; Nancy Price 120; Elizabeth Stoddard 172; Ron Trial 107; Mike Hinton 270; Janie Short 384; Chris Nicholson 47t; Kristie Powell 140; Ellen Ray 98; Lisa Matt 54t; Tammy Powell 222; Don Ross 123b.

After announcements were made, John Berendzen led 62 for the closing song. Elizabeth Stoddard offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—John Berendzen; Vice Chairman—Cheryl Foreman; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

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