Rusk County Singing Convention, 13th Year

Old Pine Grove Church
Henderson, Rusk County, Texas

Saturday, April 24, 2021 and Sunday, April 25, 2021

Saturday, April 24

The Rusk County Singing Convention met for the 13th year on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April at Old Pine Grove Church near Henderson, Texas. Due to the COVID pandemic shut downs that have been going around in the past year, this class was ready to sing. The tune book for Saturday was The B. F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book), 2012 Revision. With the absence of the Chairman, Vice Chairman Ellen Ray called the class to order leading 32t. Robert Vaughn offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Ellen Ray; Vice-Chairman—Chris Nicholson; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

Leaders: Ellen Ray 416t; Chris Nicholson 422t, 422b; Gaylon Powell 53, 126; Robert Vaughn 477, 142; David Rousseau 143, 341; Janie Short 268t, 276; Thom Fahrbach 450, 433; Tony Souther and Margaret Wright 507b, 122; Daniel Allcock 133, 268b.


Leaders: Ellen Ray 558; Cheryl Foreman 470, 486; Erin Fulton 505, 163b; Ann Jett 503, 515; Ellee Curren 60, 367; John Huffman 235, for Ed Walton; Garrett Powell 343, 543; Hoss Curren 388, 146. Gaylon Powell asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Ellen Ray called leaders back leading 331t. She then appointed Robert Vaughn and Janie Short to serve as the memorial committee. Leaders: John Huffman and Katie Huffman 38t, 563; Margaret Wright 54t, 38b; Danny Creel 404, 196; Abigale Curran 348t, 571; John Berendzen 48b, 416b; Lloyd Wright and Elijah Wright 472, 319; Prisca Rice 438t, 384; Scott Curren 464, 98; Betsy Jeronen 140, 46; Sonya Kirkham 330t, 208.


Leaders: Ellen Ray 96; Kristie Powell 47b; Kristie Powell and Gaylon Powell 482; Michele Curren 520, 470; Emily Brown 86, 355; Rick Foreman 508; Rick Foreman and Robert Vaughn 514; Tammy Powell and Garrett Powell 553, 95; Lisa Matt 61, 463; Scott, Michele, Hoss, Ellee, and Abigale Curren 220; Lloyd Wright 48t. After some announcements, Ellen Ray lead 275b for the closing song. Robert Vaughn lead the closing prayer.

Sunday, April 25

The Sunday session of the convention was held in conjunction with the Pine Grove Cemetery Homecoming. The tune book for Sunday was The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition. Ellen Ray called the class to order leading 61t. The morning prayer was offered by Robert Vaughn.

Leaders: Ellen Ray 61b; Chris Nicholson 419t, 225; Gaylon Powell 155, 203; Robert Vaughn 256t, 221b; Janie Short 43, 255; Lisa Matt 130b, 16; John Huffman and Katie Huffman 81t, 172; Rick Foreman 67t, 67b; Henry McGuire 19, 184; Prisca Rice 133, 286; Todd Derstine and Regina Derstine 54, 231; Garrett Powell 58b, 59t.


Leaders: Ellen Ray 72t; Charles Whitmer 142, 540; Sonya Kirkham 35b, 128t; John Berendzen 111t, 546t; Erin Fulton 193, 244b.

MEMORIAL LESSON: Janie Short read the list of names for the sick and shut-ins: Texas—Landis Powell, Charlotte Powell, Ruby Morris; Alabama—Lucy Heidern, Nate Green, Norma Green, Elder Ricky Harcrow; Arkansas—Lloyd Caldwell; Louisiana—Baron Powers; Maine—Jesse Vear; Ohio—Clara Herr. She made some comments and lead 30b.

Robert Vaughn read the list of names of individual who passed away since we last met. Since we did not meet in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic shut down, it was a two-year list. The names were: Texas—Curtis Owen, Sonny Erwin, Myrl Jones, Burl Russell, Margaret Rounsavall, Bob McLemore, Elder C. B. Anderson, Dale Redmon Jr., John Beard, Dorothy Price, Lorraine McFarland, Mac Hargrove, Marilyn Burkland, Max Berendzen, Gloria Berendzen, Floyd Nicholson, Patricia Blevins, Margret Rowell; Alabama—Velton Chafin, Ottis Sides, Margaret Spurlock, Bill Windom, Kenneth Sandburg, Jewel Wootten, Mike Jones; Arkansas—Lela Schiefer; California— David Fetcho; Georgia—Harry Eskew, Brooke Webber; Indiana—Rev. Douglas Simpson; Iowa—Barbara Matt; Kentucky—John Pickow, Tierre Quantrell Williams; Maine—Peter Golden; Michigan—Bill Beverly; Missouri—Mort Whitman; New Jersey—Gustine Matt; Ohio—Glenda Walton; Recent Burials in Pine Grove Cemetery—Cathy Whitehead, Josephine Roberson. After making some remarks, Robert Vaughn led 204t. The memorial lesson closed with prayer by John Huffman.

Leaders: Ann Jett 149, 180. The noon prayer was offered at the dinner tables.


Leaders: Ellen Ray 417b; Thom Fahrbach 316, 186; Cheryl Foreman 59b, 64; Charlie McGuire 65, 69; Betsy Jeronen 120, 355; Danny Creel 354, 308; Kristie Powell 138, 548; Emily Brown 51, 1; Tammy Powell 168, 421b; Thom Fahrbach 332; Erin Fulton 372; Prisca Rice 245; John Berendzen 515; Henry McGuire 91; Todd Derstine and Regina Derstine 258; Danny Creel 166; John Huffman 470; Charlie McGuire and Will McGuire 465t; Betsy Jeronen 21; Ann Jett 170. After announcements, Ellen Ray led 32b for the closing song. Robert Vaughn led the closing prayer.

Chairman—Ellen Ray; Vice Chairman—Chris Nicholson; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

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