The 13th Annual Singing at the Old Fields

St. John's Episcopal Church
Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 2015 Folk Heritage reprint) (sometimes tagged `CHw') and The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

It was a beautiful, cold, sunny day, and there was a good crowd. Upwards of 35 people passed through during the day.

The first morning session was from the Folk Heritage edition.

169t, All-Saints, followed by the Opening Prayer - Don Wiley
77b, Cambridge - Julianne Wiley
193b, Lisle - Mary Baumeister
145b, Consolation - Chris Wilhelm
133, Juniata - Jeff Farr
159t, The Saint's Delight - Willie Israel
208b, French Broad - Dan Huger

Second morning session: 2010 edition.

124, Pilgrim's Triumph - Claudia Dean
143, Farther Along - Jack Kaufman
43, The Heavenly Throng - Leslie Booher
546b, Oak Grove - Mary Grace Walrath and Rhodyjane Meadows
299, Green Meadows - Rhodyjane Meadows

Third morning session: Folk Heritage edition.

129t, Coronation - Don Wiley
261t, The Good Shepherd - Julianne Wiley
192b, Quito - Mary Baumeister
117, Angel Band - Hannah Roper and Kalia Yeagle
319, Weary Pilgrim - Chris Wilhelm
52, Newburg - Dan Huger
198, Creation - Willie Israel
171t, Sessions - Emily Dingler and Kalia Yeagle

Fourth morning session: 2010 edition.

142, The Solid Rock - Jack Kaufman
507t, Union - Leslie Booher
339, Samanthra - Mary Grace Walrath and Rhodyjane Meadows
346, Star in the East - Rhodyjane Meadows and Ellie Hjemmet
87, The Promised Land - Harry Morgan and Rhodyjane Meadows

We sang 67b (CHw), Dundee, led by Don Wiley, for the Noonday Blessing

LUNCH, and a plenteous spread it was

120b (CHw), Spartanburg - Don Wiley, prayers for Diane Eskenasy and IMO Sharon Kellam

First afternoon session: 2010 edition.

543, Chase High Road - Leslie Booher
175, O How I Love Jesus - Jack Kaufman
85, Mercy Seat - Jeff Farr
136, Sherburne - Rhodyjane Meadows
256t, Pleading Savior - Chris Wilhelm
365, The Indian's Petition - Claudia Dean
91, There is a Fountain - Harry Morgan and Rhodyjane Meadows
36t, Lovely Vine - Dan Huger

Second afternoon session: Folk Heritage edition.

212b, Hingham - Mary Baumeister
369, Easter Anthem - Don Wiley
55b, Idumea - Emily Dingler and Kalia Yeagle
36b, Albion - Hannah Roper
367, David's Lamentation - Willie Israel
245t, Bozrah - Julianne Wiley

Third afternoon session: 2010 edition.

544, Life's Troubles - Leslie Booher
470, Duke Street - Jack Kaufman
137, Antioch - Rhodyjane Meadows
134, Liberty - Dan Huger
93, Something New - Chris Wilhelm
206, Prayer Meeting - Harry Morgan and Rhodyjane Meadows
24t, Volusia - Claudia Dean


We thank St. John's Episcopal Church for their kindness to us through the year.

111b, Judkins - Don Wiley
Closing Prayer by Willie Israel

Jeanie Walker, pitcher
Chris Wilhelm, arranger
Leslie Booher, secretary

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