The 12th Annual Camp DoReMi—2018

Wildacres Retreat
Little Switzerland, McDowell County, North Carolina

Thursday, August 16, 2018 to Sunday, August 19, 2018

The 12th Annual session of Camp DoReMi was held at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC, from August 16th through August 19th. Books used during the singing school were The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition, and New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001. Additional singings offered to campers were from Lloyd's Primitive Hymns, Daily's Primitive Baptist Hymn & Tune Book, and The Georgian Harmony, 2nd ed., 2012.

Officers for the camp were Jonathon Smith—Director; Jane Cannon—Assistant Director; Chris Wilhelm—Librarian.

Instructors: Cassie Allen, Hayden Arp, Kevin Barrans, Tim Cook, Rachel Hall, John Hollingsworth, Ian Quinn, David Sarten, Michael Walker, Andrew Whaley, and Calum Woods.

Thursday, August 16th

Camp opened with Jonathon Smith welcoming all those in attendance. Dave & Sherry Lovett, Resident Managers at Wildacres, welcomed everyone and gave a history of Wild Acres Retreat. After dinner, singing was held from The Christian Harmony and New Harp of Columbia.

Thursday night singing

The Christian Harmony session:
281t, Am I Born to Die? - Kevin Beirne
66t, Balerma - Kevin Barrans
401t, Tillotson - Mary Baumeister
544, Life's Troubles - Leslie Booher
107, Resignation (First) - Jane Cannon
418b, Union Vale - Tim Cook
334, Jordan's Stormy Wave - Claudia Dean
436t, Turner - Brenda Dunlap
458, Rolland - Thom Fahrbach
203, Cumberland - Ben Fink
1, Weary Rest - Alex Forsyth
208b, French Broad - Erin Fulton
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old - Robin Goddard
129, Coronation - Cliff Hall
221b, Poor, Weak, and Worthless - Rachel Wells Hall (Ester)
436b, It Is I - Joe Holbert
19, The Day of Days - Carol Huang
171, Sessions - Patty Judson
64, Youthful Blessings - Ryan Nash and Blake Sisemore
366, Millennium (First) - Jonathon Smith
397b, Bedan - Michael Spencer
326, Royal Proclamation - Michael Walker
36t, Lovely Vine - Chris Wilhelm
51, Lonsdale - David Wilson


New Harp of Columbia session:
70, Brooklyn - Hayden Arp
41b, Nashville - Kevin Barrans
156, Cuba - Mary Baumeister
13, Reflection - Kevin Beirne
22t, Missionary Chant - Leslie Booher
68t, Paradise - Jane Cannon
62b, Ono - Tim Cook
182, Ornan - Claudia Dean
46, Concord - Brenda Dunlap
A125, Cumberland - Thom Fahrbach
A82, Exultation - Ben Fink
109, Bruce's Address - Erin Fulton
74, Never Part Again - Robin Goddard
A97b, Athens - Rachel Wells Hall
99, Morning Trumpet - Jonathon Smith
90b, Marietta - Michael Spencer
11, Old Hundred - Michael Walker
154, Yarmouth - Chris Wilhelm
42, Lenox - David Wilson

Chair—Kevin Beirne, Secretary & Arranging—Jane Cannon.

Friday, August 17th

Morning Classes:
Primitive Hymn Singing,
Rudiments I,
Harmonia Sacra Singing,
Songs From The Casket.
Afternoon Classes:
Song Stories from The Old Harp,
Song Favorites with Casssie,
Music of Lowell Mason,
The Social Harp.

Friday night singing

The Christian Harmony session:
455b, Rockbridge - Brenda Dunlap
168t, Rest - David Wilson
399t, Lockport - Mary Baumeister
111b, Judkins - Tim Cook
327, The Christian's Hope - Chris Wilhelm (for Dorothy Lane)
495, The Sailor's Home - Michael Spencer
165, Babylon is Fallen - Alexander Garden
43, The Heavenly Throng - Leslie Booher
322, Among that Band - Hayden Arp
138, Rest in the Kingdom - Carol Huang
372, I Won't Turn Back - Blake Sisemore
245, Bozrah - Erin Fulton
510t, Aberdeen - Sue Ellen Hull
74, God's Helping Hand - Becky Wright
166, What Can I Do? - Ryan Nash
507t, Union - Patty Judson
215, In That Morning - Rachel Wells Hall
540, Funeral Anthem - Bill Hollingsworth
380, Christian Song - John Hollingsworth
176, Heavenly Treasures - Cassie Allen


New Harp of Columbia session:
64b, Fountain - Ian Quinn
30, Sion's Security - Jonathon Smith
39b, St. Martin's - Michael Walker
64t, Zerah - Robin Goddard
68t, Paradise - Kevin Barrans
121, Seaman - Kevin Beirne
18, Windham - Pat Wilson
51, Mount Olivet - Nathan Rees
59t, Marlow - Calum Woods
72b, Chimes - Thom Fahrbach
124, The Saint's Adieu - Jane Cannon
164b, Eusebia - Ben Fink and Robin Goddard and Leslie Booher
80b, Shawmut - Brenda Dunlap

Chair—Brenda Dunlap; Arranging—Ben Fink; Secretary—Jane Cannon.

Saturday, August 18th

Morning Classes:
Alternative 7 Shape Music,
Songs of West Virginia,
Rudiments II,
Sight Singing.
Afternoon Classes:
Old Harp Singing in Tennessee,
Leading Songs,
On the Trail of the Chapins.

Saturday night singing

The Christian Harmony session:
345, The Shepherd's Star - Erin Fulton
332, Babylonian Captivity - Jonathon Smith
419t, Rockingham (First) - Thom Fahrbach
206, Prayer Meeting - Kevin Beirne
369, Easter Anthem - Cliff Hall
261b, Alone - John Hollingsworth
244t, Mutual Love - Nathan Rees
86b, Hicks' Farewell - Brenda Dunlap
74, God's Helping Hand - Ian Quinn
458, Rolland - Tim Cook
214, Hosanna - Joe Holbert
493b, Day-Star - Patty Judson
510b, Invitation - Michael Spencer
265, Mourner's Lamentation - Michael Walker
244b, The Christian's Conflicts - Rachel Wells Hall
172, The Grand Highway - Ryan Nash
276, Worlds Beyond the Sky - Sue Ellen Hall
158, The Land of Rest - Nick Gattis
358, O Come, Come Away - Bill Hollingsworth
312, Penitence - Kevin Barrans
516, Oliphant - Ben Fink
117, Angel Band - Mary Baumeister
344, Morality - Will Peebles
511, Farewell - Claudia Dean
548, Macedonia - Jane Cannon (for Dorothy Lane)
67b, Dundee - David Wilson
543, Chase High Road - Leslie Booher
49, Forever with the Lord - Calum Woods


New Harp of Columbia session
136, The Pearl - Erin Fulton
A87, Confidence - Chris Wilhelm
129t, Dublin - Pat Wilson
A127, Jalinda - Rachel Wells Hall
A63, New-Market - Jonathon Smith
A21, Consolation - Leslie Booher

Chair—Erin Fulton; Arranging—Thom Fahrbach; Secretary—Jane Cannon.

After the evening singing, there was an ice cream social followed by music and viewings of Brown Mountain Lights by the campfire.

Sunday 19 August

Singing from The Georgian Harmony

Chairman John Hollingsworth opened the singing with
1, Advent
and offered the opening prayer.

The following songs were chosen:
3, Calvary's Hill
208, Ila
156, Montrose
13, Shepherd
203, Oak Grove
111, Westville
249, A Round in 7's
95, Harbor
90, The Stork Carol, for Shannon Primm
22, Adoration
15, Admonition
86, Cedar Creek
56, Bethel
124, Byron
74, Reunion
14, In Mercy Lord
140, Inspiration
252, Arabi
187, Warning
198, Majestic
251, Meeting Place
63, Psalm 30
214, Anno Domini
136, Thus Spake Matthew, A Short Anthem
57, Benediction
250, Alford
87, Sojourn
184, Legend
43, Evening Devotion
45, A Prayer at Parting
25, Humility

Closing prayer: Bill Hollingsworth.

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