7th? Annual Rusk County Singing Convention

Old Pine Grove Church
Henderson, Rusk County, Texas

Saturday, April 25, 2015 and Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday, April 25

The 7th annual Rusk County Singing met Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April at Old Pine Grove Church near Henderson, Texas. The tune book for Saturday was The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

With the absence of the chairman, the vice chair, Janie Short, called the class to order leading 261t. Elder Robert Vaughn offered the opening prayer.

Janie Short then called the class into a business session and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Janie Short; Vice Chairman—Sonny Erwin; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

Leaders: Janie Short 188; Sonny Erwin 546b, 228; Gaylon Powell 206, 41t; Robert Vaughn 285, 142; Chris Nicholson 111b, 460t; Cheryl Foreman 498, 255; Kristie Powell 548, 63t; Drew McGuire 121t, 208b; Tammy Powell 400t, 64.


Janie Short called the class back together leading 81t. Leaders: Henry McGuire 19, 211b; Ben Copenhaver 285, 453t; Rick Foreman 189, 277; Kim Vaughn 298, 253; Janie Short 186, 184; Sonny Erwin 250, 214; Gaylon Powell 336, 54; Robert Vaughn 155, 361. Dismissed for lunch with Henry McGuire asking the blessing at the dinner tables.


Vice Chair Sonny Erwin called the class back leading 534. Leaders: Chris Nicholson 185, 67b; Cheryl Foreman 133, 167b; Kristie Powell 216b, 245; Drew McGuire 256b, 281b; Tammy Powell 432b, 393b; Henry McGuire 316, 258; Ben Copenhaver 176, 514; Rick Foreman 77, 303; Janie Short 143, 60.


Janie Short called the class back together leading 263. Leaders: Sonny Erwin 168b, 240; Gaylon Powell 493b, 172; Robert Vaughn 261b, 355; Chris Nicholson 467b, 260t; Cheryl Foreman 75, 50; Kristie Powell 339, 105t; Drew McGuire and Will McGuire 293; Drew McGuire 171; Henry McGuire 180, 16, 17 (by request); Ben Copenhaver 278, 318; Rick Foreman 120, 121b. Janie Short led 76b for the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Robert Vaughn.

Sunday, April 26

The Sunday session of the convention was held in conjunction with the Pine Grove Cemetery Homecoming. The tune book for Sunday was The B. F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book), 2012 Revision.

Janie Short called the class to order leading 171.

Rick Foreman led the opening prayer. Janie appointed Cheryl Foreman and Kristie Powell to serve on the memorial committee. Leaders: Janie Short 544; Sonny Erwin 430, 569; Gaylon Powell 432, 239; Cheryl Foreman 31t, 470; Kristie Powell 210, 225t; Carole Watts 40, 424; Crystal Meadows 558, 559; Henry McGuire 270 (for Nancy Van Den Akker); 524; Kim Vaughn 528b, 507b;


Janie Short called the class back together leading 511b.

Leaders: Chris Nicholson 264t, 264b; Drew McGuire 131b, 505; Rick Foreman 128, 273; Tammy Powell 222, 142; Charity Vaughn 212, 392; Natalie Fletcher 400, 401.

Memorial Lesson: Kristie Powell read the names of the sick and shut-ins: Jane Goforth, Jimmy Foreman, Thomas Robinson, and Noel Jones—Texas; Kaneaster Hodges—Arkansas; Nancy Van Den Akker—Louisiana; Gravis Ballinger—Alabama. She led 288 in their honor. Cheryl Foreman read the names of the deceased: Molly Appleberry, F. E. Abernathy, and Sallie Foreman—Sacred Harp singers and supporters; Doris Gossett—Burials in the Pine Grove Cemetery. The memorial lesson closed with prayer by Robert Vaughn.

Dismissed for lunch, prayer was offered at the dinner tables.


Janie Short called the class back together leading 553.

Leaders: Robert Vaughn 88b, 220; Gaylon Powell 502; Kristie Powell 514; Carole Watts 573; Crystal Meadows 522; Henry McGuire 464; Janie Short 571; David Rousseau 341, 119; Drew McGuire 410; Tammy Powell 217; Charity Vaughn 521; Natalie Fletcher 463; Robert Vaughn 200; Henry McGuire 465; Chris Nicholson 49t; Drew McGuire 48t; David Rousseau 127; Gaylon Powell and Roy Culbertson 486; Chris Nicholson and Grace Culbertson 45t. It was agreed that as of next year, the Sunday session will begin at 9:30 a.m. After announcements, Janie Short led 95b for the closing song. The convention closed with prayer by Gaylon Powell.

Chairman—Janie Short; Vice Chairman—Sonny Erwin; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

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