The 9th Annual Camp DoReMi—2015

Wildacres Retreat
Little Switzerland, McDowell County, North Carolina

Thursday, August 6, 2015 to Sunday, August 9, 2015

The 9th Annual session of Camp DoReMi was held at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC, from August 6th through August 9th. Books used during the singing school were The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition, and New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001. Additional singings offered to campers were from The Primitive Hymns: Spiritual Songs and Sacred Poems (Lloyd's) and The Georgian Harmony, 2nd ed., 2012.

Officers for the camp were Jane Spencer—Director; Jonathon Smith—Assistant Director; Nancy Hogan—Secretary; Chris Wilhelm—Librarian; Eddie Mash—Refreshments Coordinator.

Instructors were Alison Brown (Lima, Peru); Bill Hogan (Wetumpka, AL); Bill Hollingsworth (Ila, GA); Robert Kelley (Greenwood, SC); Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg (Atlanta, GA); Shannon Primm (Athens, GA); John Plunkett (Tucker, GA); Jonathon Smith (Champaign, IL); Jane Spencer (Chimney Rock, NC); and Michael Walker (London, UK).

Thursday, August 6th

The camp was opened with Jane Spencer welcoming all those in attendance. Fifty-six campers registered, with participants from 14 states enrolled. The UK, Peru and Germany were also represented. Instructors gave a brief synopsis of the classes that were offered. Mike House, Camp Manager, welcomed everyone and gave a history of Wild Acres Retreat. After dinner, singing was held from The Christian Harmony and the New Harp of Columbia.

Thursday night singing

Officers were appointed for the evening:
Jonathon Smith—Chair; Jane Spencer—Arranging; Nancy Hogan—Secretary.

Christian Harmony
Jonathon Smith opened the singing by welcoming everyone and leading 21. Prayer was offered by Eddie Mash. Leaders: Nancy Hogan 362; Jane Spencer 465t; Leslie Booher 544; Eddie Mash 263; Kate Coxon 419t; Dan McCarter 55b; Bill Hollingsworth 516; Lindy Groening 131; Bill Hogan and Doug Silsbee 54; Mary Baumeister 25b; John Hollingsworth 546t; Cornelia Stanton 264; Chris Noren 143; Eva Striebeck 354; Ann Strange 171; Tina Becker 269t.


New Harp of Columbia
The singing resumed with Jonathon Smith leading 67t. Leaders: John Plunkett 59t; Jeff Farr A59; Robin Goddard 74; David Wilson 53b; Robert Kelley 86; Claudia Dean A104; Judy Mincey 144 (in memory of Lee Rogers); Michael Walker 124; Dan McCarter 99; Pat Callahan 23t; Michael Spencer 20t; Chris Coughlin 43; Chris Wilhelm 100 (in honor of Ralph Parker); Jesse P. Karlsberg and Lauren Bock 136; Eddie Mash 138; Jane Spencer 180; Leslie Booher 104t; Linda Jones Berkemeier 101 (in memory of Tammi Ziola). Announcements were made and Jonathon Smith led 13 as the closing song. The evening was closed with prayer offered by Eddie Mash.

Friday, August 7th

The day began with a singing from the Lloyd's Hymn Book facilitated by Bill Hogan. Selections used during the class were: 293, 333, 206, 6, 4, 38, 288, 61, 147, 382, 384, 209, 431 and 58.

Classes offered during the morning were:
Rudiments I (Jane Spencer),
Rudiments II (Jonathon Smith),
Challenging Songs (Robert Kelley).
Following lunch the following classes were offered:
Improving Your Sight Reading & Parts Practice (John Plunkett),
Leading a Song (Shannon Primm),
Shape Note History (John Hollingsworth and Billy Hollingsworth), and
Song Book Repair (Alison Brown).

Friday night singing

The evening singing started with the New Harp of Columbia followed by the Christian Harmony. Officers were appointed for the evening. Eddie Mash—Chair; Chris Wilhelm—Arranging; Nancy Hogan—Secretary.

New Harp of Columbia
Chair, Eddie Mash, opened the singing leading 12 and welcoming the singers. Opening prayer was offered by Bill Hogan. Leaders: Jane Spencer 102; Robin Goddard 115; Leslie Booher 152; Dan McCarter 114t; Tina Becker 158; Jeff Farr 89; Ann Strange 132; Claudia Dean A20; Jonathon Smith A76; Chris Coughlin 106; Thom Fahrbach 74; David Wilson 35; Linda Jones Berkemeier 80b; Eva Striebeck 157; Judy Mincey 68t.

Christian Harmony Session:
Robert Kelley was the first leader during the Christian Harmony session, leading 229; Mary Baumeister 497t; Jesse P. Karlsberg 172; Chris Noren 372; Bill Hogan 133.


Michael Walker brought the class back to order leading 455b. Leaders: Pat Callahan 168b; John Hollingsworth 548; Lauren Bock 192; Shannon Primm 9; John Plunkett 493b; Mary Ellen Schrock 180; Michael Spencer 13; Nancy Hogan 432b; Kate Coxon 282; Cornelia Stanton 72t; Alison Brown 146b; Jane Spencer and Chris Wilhelm 318; Bill Hollingsworth 409b; Lindy Groening 274; Dorothy Lane and Jane Spencer 235; Jonathan Gaylord 11; Jonathan Wood 67b; Eli Snyder and Pat Callahan 128t. Eddie Mash called for announcements and closed the singing leading 23b. John Hollingsworth offered the prayer to close the evening.

Saturday, August 8th

The day began with singing from Lloyd's Hymn Book facilitated by Bill Hogan. Selections used: 39, 152, 164, 5, 4, 329, 49, 333, 334, 335, 59, 477 and 505.

Classes offered during the morning were:
Rudiments II (Michael Walker),
Shape Note History (Billy Hollingsworth and John Hollingsworth),
Challenging Songs (Robert Kelley).
After lunch, the following classes were offered:
Leading Songs (Shannon Primm),
Keying Songs (Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg),
Songbook Repair (Alison Brown), and
Primitive Baptist Singing (Michael Walker).

Saturday night singing began with the Christian Harmony and concluded with New Harp of Columbia. Officers were appointed for the evening.

Officers: Jeff Farr—Chair; Ann Strange—Arranging; Nancy Hogan—Secretary.

Christian Harmony
Chair, Jeff Farr opened the evening singing by leading 26b. Prayer was offered by Shannon Primm. Leaders: John Hollingsworth 204t; Cornelia Stanton 54; Nancy Hogan 468b; Lindy Groening 320; Lauren Bock and Jesse P. Karlsberg 176; Kate Coxon 352; Bill Hollingsworth 369; Dorothy Lane 249; Alison Brown 64; Mary Ellen Schrock 284; Ashley Bowen 167t; Chris Noren 172; Eva Striebeck 299; Patty Judson and Shannon Primm 89; Judy Mincey and Jonathan Beitzler 547; Sarah Kehrberg 184; Leslie Booher 546b; Robert Kelley 450t; Pat Callahan 162; David Wilson 206; Eddie Mash 112; Chris Coughlin 355.


Singing continued from the Christian Harmony with Jane Spencer leading 193. Leaders: Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan 331; Kevin Kehrberg 248; Dan McCarter and Joanna Isenhower 289; Will Peebles 432b.

New Harp of Columbia
The first leader from the New Harp of Columbia was Robin Goddard, leading 74. Leaders: Michael Walker A96; Tina Becker 199; Thom Fahrbach A126; Jonathon Smith A125; Claudia Dean A82; Jesse P. Karlsberg 51; Mary Baumeister 38; John Plunkett A64 (in honor of singer Scott DePoy's father, Bob).

Jane Spencer thanked all the attendees, instructors, those that keyed, and Chris Wilhelm for taking care of the books. Beverly Jo Glen was thanked for being the camp photographer. Eddie Mash thanked Jane Spencer for her hard work and making the camp a success.

Announcements were made and Jeff Farr led 13 and offered the closing prayer.

Following the singing everyone enjoyed homemade ice-cream (thank you, Elsie Hollingsworth), and a sing-a-long of old hymns, blue-grass, Irish ballads and other favorites by the campfire. Instrumentalists for the evening were Lauren Bock, Jonathon Smith and Bill Hogan.

Sunday, August 9th

The closing day of camp began with a singing from The Lloyd's Hymn Book facilitated by Bill Hogan. Selections used: 395, 7, 688, 689, 687, 693, 158, 206, 570, 425, 339, 188, 236 and 199.

Following breakfast, as a closing to camp, a singing was held from The Georgian Harmony.

Sunday morning singing
All selections from The Georgian Harmony unless otherwise noted.

Eddie Mash opened the singing with 22, Adoration.
Connie Stanton gave the opening prayer.
The following songs were led:
111, Westville
193, 101 Psalm
255, Christian Farewell
95, Harbor
105, Nidrah
3, Calvary's Hill
49, Mount Carmel
198, Majestic
179, Exodus
54, John 3:37
206, The Humble Sinner
“Hamrick”, handout, by Bill Hollingsworth
253, Durham
109, Lloyd
136, Thus Spake Matthew, A Short Anthem
208, Ila
52, Concert
138, Psalm Tune
48, The Lord's Morning
87, Sojourn
47, Loving Kindness
203, Oak Grove
16, Boston Common
116, Liberty Hill
86, Cedar Creek
26, Andrew's Chapel
72, Sleepers Awake!
108, Invocation
Rob Kelley led 25, Humility, as the closing song.
Michael Walker gave the closing prayer.

Chair—Bill Hollingsworth; Secretary—Mary Baumeister.

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