The 13th Annual Greene County New Harp of Columbia Singing

New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church
near Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee

Saturday, June 1, 2013

All selections from New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001. Song numbers beginning with 'A' are found in the Appendix.

A production company from Dickson, TN, plans to do a segment on Old Harp singing for their PBS show "Creative License" The show focuses on arts and artists in Tennessee. They decided the New Bethel Sing would be the best opportunity for them to film.
For a warm-up song Tina Becker led 53b, Dundee.

Jeff Farr welcomed the singers and the man from PBS explained the recording plans for the day.
107, Holy Manna - Jeff Farr
Don Wiley gave the Opening Prayer
63b, Azmon - Don Wiley
12, Albion - Mary Baumeister
110, North Salem - Andrew Whaley
129t, Dublin - Chris Wilhelm
A41, Sweet Rivers - Julianne Wiley
A22, Detroit - David Sarten
61, Leander - Ann Strange
39t, China - Leslie Booher


64t, Zerah - Tina Becker
A162, David's Lamentation - Wyatt Farr
127, The Rock - Claudia Dean
83, Kingwood - Jeremy Shipp and Elizabeth Shipp
74, Never Part Again - Robin Goddard
143, Wondrous Love - Ruth Kross
99, Morning Trumpet - Joe Sarten
43, Pleasant Hill - Jeff Farr
94, Devizes - Don Wiley
132, Lischer - Mary Baumeister
81b, Golden Hill - Andrew Whaley
68t, Paradise - Chris Wilhelm and Emma Sanders and Elizabeth Shipp
25, Ninety-Third - Julianne Wiley
84, The Midnight Cry - David Sarten
35, Ninety-Fifth - Ann Strange

Jeff Farr led 53b, Dundee, as the grace.


A21, Consolation - Leslie Booher
152, Milford - Tina Becker
30, Sion's Security - Bob Richmond
A53, Redeeming Love - Claudia Dean
185, Christian Song - Jeremy Shipp and Elizabeth Shipp
115, Northfield - Robin Goddard
180, Whitestown - Joe Sarten
79, Travelling to the Grave - Jeff Farr
144, Rowley - Don Wiley
A125, Cumberland - Mary Baumeister, for Sharon Kellam
15, Prospect - Andrew Whaley
114t, Zion - Chris Wilhelm and Elizabeth Shipp


23b, Duke Street - Julianne Wiley
206, Western Mount Pleasant - Ann Strange and Barbara Davis
183, Long Ago - David Sarten, for his wife
A52, Evening Shade - Leslie Booher
A97b, Athens - Tina Becker
109, Bruce's Address - Bob Richmond
100, Portugal - Claudia Dean
80b, Shawmut - Robin Goddard
67b, New Year - Jeremy Shipp and Elizabeth Shipp

Business Meeting:
Officers for 2014 will be Jeff Farr, Chairman; Linda Krieger, Vice-chairman; Don Wiley, Chaplain; Mary Baumeister, Secretary.


47, The Promised Land - Joe Sarten
18, Windham - Jeff Farr
59b, Arlington - Don Wiley
145, Oliphant - Mary Baumeister
87t, Hightower - Andrew Whaley
95, Parting Hand - Jeff Farr
Closing prayer: Don Wiley

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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