Etowah Fall Singing, 109th Year

Etowah Lions Club
Etowah, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, September 3, 2016

All selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 2015 Folk Heritage reprint).

Diane Eskenasy welcomed the singers.
Larry Beveridge gave a very short explanation of the notes and song layout.
Diane opened the singing with
198, Creation
Maggie Lauterer gave the opening prayer
32b, Zellville - Chris Wilhelm
281b, Palmetto - Don Wiley
58b, Primrose - Julianne Wiley
245t, Bozrah - Chris Berg
255t, Watchman - Mike Nichols
21, Webster - Mary Baumeister
117, Angel Band - Bruce Frazier
51, Lonsdale - Will Peebles
264, Harwell - Phil Perrin
146b, Bangor - Leslie Booher
204t, Prayer Meeting - Maggie Lauterer, IMO Quay Smathers
35b, Boylston - Zack Allen
77t, Rockingham (First) - Dan Huger

Business Meeting: It was decided that we would continue renting the use of the Lions Club kitchen for our singings despite the added expense.
The officers were retained for another term: Diane Eskenasy, President; Tim Aldrich, Treasurer; Chris Wilhelm, Hospitality; Mary Baumeister, Secretary.

Diane announced that the Etowah Singing now has a website:


312, Penitence - Jane Cannon
55b, Idumea - Larry Beveridge
154t, Happy Time - Robert Kelley
269t, Restoration - Eric Conrad
103b, Fish Pond - Diane Eskenasy
134, Liberty - Chris Wilhelm
217, Jerusalem - Don Wiley
77b, Cambridge - Julianne Wiley
208t, Kedron - Chris Berg

Zack Allen offered the Grace for lunch.


159t, The Saint's Delight - Mike Nichols
171t, Sessions - Mary Baumeister, IMO Sharon Kellam
367, David's Lamentation - Bruce Frazier
88, Pisgah - Will Peebles
157, Hallelujah - Ginny Faust (with Diane Eskenasy)
249t, Green Fields - Phil Perrin
248b, Union - Leslie Booher
369, Easter Anthem - Maggie Lauterer
128t, Ninety-Fifth - Zack Allen
49, Forever with the Lord - Dan Huger
155, Solemn Call - Jane Cannon
89b, Northfield - Larry Beveridge
339, Samanthra - Robert Kelley
141, Detroit - Eric Conrad


140, Edom - Diane Eskenasy
111t, Minister's Farewell - Chris Wilhelm
65t, Colchester - Don Wiley
191b, Oh! Turn, Sinner - Julianne Wiley
299, Green Meadows - Chris Berg
105b, Resignation - Mike Nichols
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven - Bruce Frazier
344, Morality - Will Peebles
291b, Warrenton - Phil Perrin
115b, It Is I - Leslie Booher
135, Raymond - Don Wiley - by request (shapes, numbers, poetry)
23b, Evening Hymn - Zack Allen
200b, Parting Hand - Dan Huger, as the closing song.

The closing prayer was offered by Maggie Lauterer.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

Don Wiley made recordings, available here:

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