The 5th Annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention

Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church
Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia

Saturday, December 6, 2014 and Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Fifth Annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention was held at Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church in Decatur, GA on the first Sunday in December and the Saturday before.

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Saturday, December 6

The class was called to order by the President, Billy Hollingsworth, leading 21. The opening prayer was offered by Henry Johnson.

The officers for this convention were as follows:
Billy Hollingsworth—President; John Plunkett—Vice President; Judy Mincey—Secretary; Shannon Primm—Treasurer
The appointed committees were as follows:
Locating committee—John Plunkett; Arranging Committee—Chris Wilhelm and Helen Bryson; Memorial Lesson—John Hollingsworth and Michael Walker, Resolutions Committee—Danny Creel and Shannon Primm .

Leaders: John Plunkett 34; Judy Mincey 50; Erin Johnson-Hill 49; Michael Walker 32b; Danny Creel 308; Angie Lawless 248; John Hollingsworth 51; Darrell Swarens 341; Ann Jett 170; Wanda Capps 264; Karen Clark 189; Eli Hinton 59t; Cindy Tanner 168b; Ken Tate 166; Henry Johnson 338t; Mako Cook 490; Tim Cook 446; Mary Ellen Schrock 179; Leslie Booher 546b.


Billy Hollingsworth called the class back leading 131.
A short business session was held. The current officers were announced and committees appointed.

Leaders: Eddie Mash 300; Helen Bryson 67b; Malinda Snow 541; David Smead 286; Matt Hinton 286; Chris Coughlin 262; Ed Paton-Williams 121t; Jennifer McDaniel 157; Robert Kelley 86b; Michael Spencer 465t; Andy Morse 219; Sandra Wilkinson 142; Chris Wilhelm 126; Debora Grosse 369; Jerusha Wheeler 304.

Eddie Mash offered grace before the bountiful meal.


John Plunkett brought the class to order leading 527.

Leaders: Judy Mincey 133; Erin Johnson-Hill and Ed Paton-Williams 372; Michael Walker 276; Bill Hollingsworth 74; Danny Creel 326; Angie Lawless 135; John Hollingsworth 136; Darrell Swarens 91; Ann Jett and Cindy Tanner and Wanda Capps 43; Karen Clark 322; Cindy Tanner 180 Ken Tate 544; Henry Johnson 256t; Mako Cook 214; Tim Cook 456t; Mary Ellen Schrock 258; Leslie Booher 255; Eddie Mash 316; Shannon Primm 15.


Billy Hollingsworth called the class back leading 203.

Leaders: Helen Bryson 137; Malinda Snow 73b; David Smead 97; Matt Hinton 346; Chris Coughlin 551; Ed Paton-Williams 411; Jennifer McDaniel 486t; Robert Kelley 438; Michael Spencer 334; Sandra Wilkinson 130b; Chris Wilhelm 105t; Bill Hollingsworth 225t.

After brief announcements, Henry Johnson closed the singing with a benediction.

Sunday, December 7

The Sunday session was called to order by John Plunkett leading 65. Michael Walker offered an opening prayer.

Leaders: Bill Hollingsworth 347; Judy Mincey 280; Michael Walker 103; Danny Creel 64; John Hollingsworth 93; Darrell Swarens 117; Ann Jett 149; Wanda Capps 85; Cindy Tanner 19; Ken Tate 339; Mary Ellen Schrock 184; Leslie Booher 421b; Tina Becker 136; Ann Strange 26b; Jane Spencer 345; Sandra Wilkinson 178; Robert Kelley 354; Michael Spencer 410b; Lisa Bennett 332. A short business session was held. The officers were retained. Billy Hollingsworth—President : John Plunkett—Vice President: Judy Mincey—Secretary: Shannon Primm—Treasurer.


Billy Hollingsworth recalled the class by leading 428.
Leaders: Lauren Bock 18; Jesse P. Karlsberg 131, by request of Mary Ellen Doster; David Smead 145b; Hayden Arp 4; Helen Bryson 303; Shannon Primm 282; Chris Wilhelm 462t; John Plunkett 261b; Bill Hollingsworth 441; Judy Mincey 16; Michael Walker 318; Danny Creel 54; John Hollingsworth 380; Darrell Swarens 238, in memory of Harrison Creel; Ann Jett 82b; Wanda Capps 172; Cindy Tanner 281b.

Michael Walker offered a blessing before the abundant lunch.


The class was recalled by Billy Hollingsworth leading 230b.

Leaders: Ken Tate 176; Mary Ellen Schrock 51; Leslie Booher 138; Jane Spencer 38; Faith Bailey 346; Sandra Wilkinson 30b; Robert Kelley 236t; Michael Spencer 401b; Hayden Arp 168b Gary Ellison 87; Lauren Bock and Jesse P. Karlsberg 372.

The President called for the committee reports.
John Hollingsworth and Michael Walker led a touching memorial service. John led 459t in memory of Raymond Hamrick. Also on the list of the deceased were Hugh Bill McGuire (MS), Danny Arms (NC), Sharon Kellam (NC), David Rust (IN), and Odis Abbott (TN). On the list of sick and shut-in were Ruth Wyers, Frances Carnell, Martha Sue Thompson, Kathleen Robbins, Elsie Moon, Velton Chafin, Johnnie Chafin, Jack Paulk, Eddie Mash and Allison Mitchell Zunklei.
The Locating Committee reported that Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church had volunteered to host the convention in 2015. This kind gesture was adopted by the convention. John Plunkett called for others to make suggestions for the future.
The Treasurer's report was read by Shannon Primm and approved by the convention.
The Resolution Committee submitted the following: Our resolve is to be thankful, first, to God who provides salvation through his son, Jesus Christ. We are thankful to those, ancient and current, who write the songs we love to sing. We thank those who came from nearby and great distance to join their voices in praise to God. We thank those who worked to provide a quality, comfortable venue in which to sing. We thank Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church for opening their doors to allow us to sing for two days. We thank those who provided fine food for all who came, especially Elsie Hollingsworth and Jane McDaniel. Lastly we resolve to continue to lift our praise to God through this music and make strong efforts to join again in 2015 for the Sixth Annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention. Respectfully submitted, Danny Creel and Shannon Primm, Resolutions Committee.
This resolution was accepted by the convention.
This closed the business session.

Leaders: Jesse P. Karlsberg 432b; Helen Bryson 179; Shannon Primm 123; Chris Wilhelm 455b; Helen Bryson 137; Danny Creel and Ken Tate and Ann Jett and Wanda Capps 76b; Mary Ellen Schrock 50; Darrell Swarens 81t; Michael Walker 275; Jane Spencer and Chris Wilhelm and Robert Kelley 548; Leslie Booher and Jerusha Wheeler 507t. After announcements, Billy Hollingsworth led the closing song 507b.
Michael Walker dismissed the convention with prayer.

Bill Hollingsworth—President; John Plunkett—Vice President; Judy Mincey—Secretary.

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