Anchor Baptist Church Singing

Anchor Baptist Church
Pisgah Forest, Transylvania County, North Carolina

Saturday, March 15, 2003

All selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint).
Singers sometimes led multiple songs.

204t, Prayer Meeting - ??
78b, New Britain - ??
381B, Babylon is Fallen - ??
367, David's Lamentation - Carl Blozan
51, Lonsdale
89b, Northfield
255t, Watchman
59b, Dove of Peace
78b, New Britain for Virginia Williams, 89, whose father taught singing schools, and who particularly likes verse three.
117, Angel Band - Kathie Blozan
67b, Dundee - Dan Huger
Grace, Carl Blozan


55b, Idumea - Mary Baumeister
61t, North Carolina
341, The Lone Pilgrim - Dan Huger, with Sandy Kirkman
381D, Holy Manna
283, Willowby
143b, Burford
128t, Ninety-Fifth
35b, Boylston - Kathie Blozan
381A, Not Made with Hands - Carl Blozan
381C, Twilight is Falling
226t, Rock of Ages - Martha Fields
178b, Duke Street - Carl Blozan
110t, Volunteers - Diane Eskenasy
135, Raymond
134, Liberty - Dan Huger

200b, Parting Hand

Dismissal, Diane Eskenasy

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