Shape Note Gathering

Old Mountain View High School, Mountain View, Arkansas
Saturday, July 7, 2018

The all-day singing segment of the 15th Annual Shape Note Gathering was held at the Old Mountain View High School in Mountain View, Arkansas. The books that were used were The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition (SH) and The Missouri Harmony (MH) for the first and third hour, and The Christian Harmony, 2010 Edition (CH) for the second and fourth hour.

Dan Brittain called the singing to order leading 31b (SH). The morning prayer was offered by Andrew Albers. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 440 (SH); Charley Sandage 186 (SH); Andrew Albers 406 (SH); Cory Winters 13 (MH); Mark Davis 77t (SH); Linda Funderburk 143 (SH); Lisa Davis 99 (SH); David Johnson 268 (SH); Dan Brittain 34 (MH); Gaylon Powell 78 (MH); Charley Sandage 136 (SH); Andrew Albers 479 (SH); Cory Winters 481 (SH); Mark Davis 480 (SH); Linda Funderburk 39t (SH); Lisa Davis 178 (SH); David Johnson 159 (SH); Dan Brittain 171 (SH).


Gaylon Powell brought the class back together leading 206 (CH). Leaders: Charley Sandage 22t (CH); Andrew Albers 133 (CH); Cory Winters 135 (CH); Mark Davis 101t (CH); Linda Funderburk 109 (CH); Lisa Davis 140 (CH); David Johnson 78b (CH); Dan Brittain 146b (CH); Gaylon Powell 146t (CH); Charley Sandage 147 (CH); Andrew Albers 82b (CH); Cory Winters 56b (CH); Mark Davis 41t (CH); Linda Funderburk 87 (CH); Lisa Davis 93 (CH); David Johnson 165 (CH); Kristie Powell 258 (CH).


Dan Brittain brought the class back together leading 62 (MH). Leaders: Gaylon Powell 318 (SH); Mark Davis 141 (SH); Linda Funderburk 108b (SH); Kristie Powell 168 (SH); David Johnson 85 (SH); Cory Winters 149 (SH); Charley Sandage 217 (SH); Bonnie Wood 344 (SH); Ann Grigsby 155 (SH); Dan Brittain 77 (MH); Gaylon Powell 157 (MH); Mark Davis 215 (SH); Linda Funderburk 330t (SH); Kristie Powell 271t (SH); David Johnson 47b (SH).


Cory Winters brought the class back together leading 52 (CH). Leaders: Bonnie Wood 76b (CH); Charley Sandage 218t (CH); Ann Grigsby 67b (CH); Dan Brittain 393b (CH); Gaylon Powell 432b (CH); Mark Davis 281 (CH); Linda Funderburk 58b (CH); Kristie Powell 138 (CH); Cory Winters 77 (CH); Bonnie Wood 335 (CH); Charley Sandage 486t (CH); Ann Grigsby 137 (CH); Dan Brittain 299 (CH); Gaylon Powell 203 (CH); Mark Davis 64 (CH); Linda Funderburk 225b (CH).

Announcements were made. Dan Brittain led 222b (CH) as the closing song. Charley Sandage dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman-Dan Brittain; Secretary-Gaylon Powell

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