2nd Annual Rusk County Singing Convention

Old Redlands Church
Laneville, Rusk County, Texas

Saturday, April 24, 2010 and Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday Session

The Second Annual Rusk County Singing met Saturday at Old Redlands Church near Laneville, Texas. The tune book for Saturday is The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing).

The singing opened by Robert Vaughn leading 323, and he led the opening prayer. Robert then appointed a committee to discuss the idea of formalizing our annual Christian Harmony singing which was first held in 2009; he appointed Gaylon Powell, Cheryl Foreman, and Sonny Erwin to serve on that committee.

Leaders were called: Robert Vaughn 322; Gaylon Powell 205, 41t; Sonny Erwin 214, 189; Lindsey Wiggins 263, 243; Cheryl Foreman 258, 59b; Ron Ryan 82b, 230b; Cassie Allen 364, 149; Tollie Lee 179, 141.


Leaders: Robert Vaughn “Redlands”; Linda Booker 111t, 21; Chloe Webb 59t, 58t; Tammy Powell 19, 64; Rick Foreman 76b, 58b; Charity Vaughn and Carole Watts 82t, 137; Robert Vaughn 284, 355. Dismissed for lunch with Gaylon Powell asking the blessing at the tables.


Leaders: Robert Vaughn 253; Gaylon Powell 133, 203; Robert Gholston 131, 117; Sonny Erwin 121t, 250; Lindsey Wiggins 74, 332; Cheryl Foreman 255, 228; Ron Ryan 77, 210b; Cassie Allen 172, 180, 354; Tollie Lee 226t, 190.


Leaders: Robert Vaughn 257; Linda Booker 91, 85b; Buford Woolverton 249t, 333; Chloe Webb 303, 204t; Tammy Powell 166, 168t; Rick Foreman 84, 121b; Natalie Fletcher 78b, 206; Tollie Lee 259b; Linda Booker 187; Chloe Webb 184; Cassie Allen 14. Robert Vaughn led 338b for the closing song, and closing prayer by Buford Woolverton.

Sunday Session

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Pine Grove Church, near Henderson, Texas, met in conjunction with the Pine Grove Cemetery Homecoming. The tune book for Sunday was The B. F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book), 1992 Revision.

Robert Vaughn opened the singing leading 49t. David Rousseau worded the opening prayer. A welcoming address to the historic old church was given by Lynn Wallace. Robert Vaughn then appointed a memorial committee: Leon Ballinger, David Rousseau.

Leaders: Robert Vaughn 76b; Gaylon Powell 154b, 532; Sonny Erwin 77t, 464; Cassie Allen 443, 355; Kris Wiggins 82, 189; Linda Booker 451, 573; Tollie Lee 572, 478; David Rousseau 72, 84.

Robert Vaughn asked for a report from the committee he appointed yesterday at the Christian Harmony singing to discuss formalizing the Christian Harmony singing. The committee presented some thoughts and ideas to be accepted as bylaws, which were by the class.

Constitution of the Rusk County Singing Convention
1. This Convention shall be known as the Rusk County Singing Convention.
2. The officers of this Convention shall consist of: Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary, who shall be elected at the beginning of the first session and shall serve until their successors are elected. The Vice-Chair shall succeed to the office of Chair each following year.
3. It shall be the duty of the Chair to call the convention together and preside. In case of the absence of the Chair, it shall be the duty of the Vice-Chair to preside, and in the absence of both, the Convention shall have power to elect a Chairman Protem. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to make a record of the singing and any business transacted.
4. The Convention shall be opened each day by singing and prayer.
5. Any person may become a member of this Convention by attending and subscribing to this Constitution.
6. The Rusk County Singing Convention shall meet annually on the weekend of the Pine Grove Cemetery Homecoming (usually 4th Sunday in April) or at such time and place as may be designated by the Convention.
7. All business of the convention shall be decided by a majority vote, except the Constitution may be amended by two thirds of the members present at any regular meeting.


Leaders: Robert Vaughn 519; Leon Ballinger 136, 137; Ron Ryan 561, 524; Tammy Powell 505, 138t; Sherry Vaughn 571, 282.

Memorial Lesson: David Rousseau read the list of deceased: Dick Steil, Ophelia Matthews, Myra Palmer, Margie Russell, and Linda Henthorn—Sacred Harp singers and supporters; Luther Chote and Annie C. Birdwell—Burials in the Pine Grove Cemetery. Leon Ballinger led 108b in their memory. David Rousseau read the list of sick and shut-ins: Dan Brittain, Marion Grant, Albert and Vivian Smith, and Ruth Redmon. Leon Ballinger led 176t for the sick and shut-ins. Tollie Lee closed the Memorial Lesson with prayer. Dismissed for lunch with the prayer for the blessing asked at the table.


Leaders: Robert Vaughn 322; Leon Ballinger 300, 222; Joan Smith 127, 395b; Danny Dunn 500, 503; Tollie Lee 511b, 574; Natalie Fletcher 288, 426t; Kris Wiggins 422b, 543; Tammy Powell 99, 142; David Rousseau 87, 119; Odis Chapman 501, 559. Announcements.

Leaders: Tollie Lee 63 (by request); Sherry Vaughn 47b, 553; Ron Ryan 326, 360; Charity Vaughn and Carole Watts 159, 424; Gaylon Powell 371, 225t. Robert Vaughn closed the singing leading 496t, and closing prayer by Noel Jones. It was announced that since 4th Sunday in April of 2011 will be Easter Sunday, this convention will meet next year on 3rd Sunday and Saturday in order to avoid Easter weekend.

Robert Vaughn, Chairman
Gaylon L. Powell, Secretary

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