The 5th Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing (Gray Court)

Ora Old Fields Presbyterian Church at the Culbertson Backcountry Settlement
Gray Court, Laurens County, South Carolina

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 5th session of the Gray Court Pioneer Day singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Frances Carnell leading 31b. The opening prayer was offered by Leon Carnell.

Leaders: Frances Carnell 39b; Leon Carnell 39t; Victoria Eastland 475; Robert Kelley 369; Danny Arms 177; Dan Huger 504; Deborah Evans 566; Mary Baumeister 523; John Hollingsworth 418; Eric Carnell 288; Jane Spencer 81t; Sarah B. Carnell 282; Charity Carnell 171; Chris Wilhelm 564; Chris Carnell 326; Shannon Primm 129; Frances Carnell 298.

In a business session, the following officers were elected: Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Leon Carnell; Secretary—Victoria Eastland.


Robert Kelley brought the class to order by leading 496. Leaders: Jesse Roberts 319; Danny Arms 392; Dan Huger 182; Deborah Evans 99; Mary Baumeister 503; John Hollingsworth 354t; Eric Carnell 445; Jane Spencer 196; Sarah B. Carnell 480; Charity Carnell 45t; Chris Wilhelm 73t; Chris Carnell 165; Shannon Primm 213t.


Robert Kelley brought the class to order by leading 168. Leaders: Eric Carnell 276; Micah Roberts 36b; Jesse Roberts 155; Danny Arms 314; Deborah Evans 446; Mary Baumeister 47t; Dave Farmer 324; Leon Carnell 51; Jane Spencer 214; Victoria Eastland 344; Chris Wilhelm 101b; Chris Carnell 68t; Frances Carnell 320; Shannon Primm 157; Sarah B. Carnell 245; Dan Huger 269; Robert Kelley 365.


Leon Carnell brought the class to order leading 47b. Leaders: Victoria Eastland 454; Danny Arms 550; Jesse Roberts 316; Deborah Evans 328; Dave Farmer 229; Frances Carnell 31t; Mary Baumeister 501; Chris Wilhelm 466; Jane Spencer 556; Chris Carnell 273; Micah Roberts 389; Eric Carnell 384; Sarah B. Carnell 178; Shannon Primm 549; Dan Huger 347; Robert Kelley 547.

Announcements were made. Robert Kelley led 45b, as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by John Hollingsworth, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Leon Carnell; Secretary—Victoria Eastland.

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