The 1st Annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention

Sweetwater Memorial Chapel
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

Saturday, December 4, 2010 and Sunday, December 5, 2010

The inaugural session of the Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention was held December 4th and 5th, 2010 at Sweetwater Chapel in Lawrenceville, GA.

The convention opened with John Hollingsworth leading p. 216. John Plunkett offered the opening prayer. The convention held a brief business session and elected John Hollingsworth as President, Michael Spencer as Vice-President, John Plunkett as Secretary to serve until the regular business session, which was held after the conclusion of the Saturday session. Eddie Mash and Shannon Primm agreed to serve as the arranging committee. All songs led from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Leaders: Michael Spencer 166; John Plunkett 304; Eddie Mash 51; Shannon Primm 133; Jane Spencer 64; Gary Smith 46t; Judy Mincey 50; Tony Hammock 67b; Alison Mitchell Zunklei 135; Mary Baumeister 424; Dan Huger 419t; Ken Tate 176; Nathan Rees 231; Andy Morse 355; Henry Johnson 105t; Erica Hinton 118; Jonathon Smith 354; Jesse P. Karlsberg 316; Danny Creel 308; Richard DeLong 215.


Leaders: Jane Spencer called the class back leading 26t. The composers of new songs led their compostions: Larry Beveridge 543 (“Chase High Road”); Hugh McGraw 544 (“Life's Troubles”); Hugh McGraw also led 546t (“The Holy Spirit”), Raymond Hamrick's composition; John Plunkett 546b (“Oak Grove”); John Merritt 547 (“Higher Ground”); Bill Hollingsworth 548 (“Macedonia”). Resuming the regular rotation of leaders: Matt Hinton 171; Susan Posey 105b; Leslie Booher 188; Lauren Bock 332; Sandra Wilkinson 221t; Sarah Beasley 117; Henry Guthery 19. The class dismissed one hour for lunch, Henry Johnson offered the blessing of the meal.


The class was called back by John Hollingsworth leading 261b; Michael Walker 258; Frank DeBolt 89; Dave Richardson 90; Martha Beverly 43; Peter Golden 264; Henry Schuman 42; Bill Beverly 248; Ann Strange 428; Karen Clark 189; Tina Becker 507t; Ken George 179; Edna Vickers 214; Claudia Dean 327; Molly Ellis 457t; Darrell Swarens 81t; Steve Walker 342; John Hollingsworth 131.


Danny Creel 149; Larry Beveridge 307; Bill Hollingsworth 369; John Merritt 111b; Bill Beverly and Martha Beverly 322; Henry Schuman 372; Darrell Swarens 541; Peter Golden 281b; Michael Walker and Dave Richardson 253; Ken Tate and Henry Guthery 200; The singing concluded with singing 549b (“The Drone”) (a tradition in the Mississippi Christian Harmony community). Eddie Mash offered the closing prayer.

The initial business session of the convention was held. A constitution was proposed and accepted by a vote of members present.

The topic of an alternate date was discussed. No conclusion was made, but the issue will continued to be explored. The business session was adjourned.

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

John Hollingsworth opened the session by leading 137. Shannon Primm offered the morning prayer. Leaders: Michael Spencer 531; John Plunkett 509b; Chris Wilhelm 121t; Jane Spencer 345; Jesse P. Karlsberg 235; Judy Mincey 16; Gary Smith 129; Leslie Booher 436b; Henry Johnson 216t; Tina Becker 76b; Sarah Beasley 238; Helen Bryson 131; Danny Creel 170; Frank DeBolt 239t; Nathan Rees 4; Harry Eskew 89; Claudia Dean 148; Henry Guthery 547; Andy Morse 490; Richard DeLong 1; Sandra Wilkinson 178.


John Hollingsworth called the class back, leading page John Hollingsworth 3. Peter Golden 421b; Ann Strange 165; Tony Hammock 143; Malinda Snow 142; Linda Hellerich 78; Steve Stone 545; Bill Hollingsworth 443; Shannon Primm 154 (for Rob Kelley); Ken Tate 54; Eddie Mash 168. The convention moved into a business session. The following officers were elected for the 2011 convention:
John Hollingsworth—President
Michael Spencer—VicePresident
John Plunkett—Secretary
Shannon Primm—Treasurer.

Leaders: Anna Hinton 293; Michael Walker 123; Martha Beverly 82b. The class dismissed one hour for lunch. The blessing was offered by Matt Hinton.


John Hollingsworth called the class back leading John Hollingsworth 250; Darrell Swarens 91; John Merritt 204t, 41t; Henry Schuman 172; Bill Beverly 49; Erica Hinton 70b; Molly Ellis 167t; Matt Hinton 346; Singers from Knoxville, TN 47; Peter Golden 62b; Michael Walker and Jane Spencer 465t; Danny Creel 326; David Yeager 250b; Henry Guthery 10; Sarah Beasley 327; Henry Johnson 25t; Gary Smith 347; Ken Tate 352.

The convention moved into a business session. The convention collected $548.00 for the two days. It was agreed that in addition to the rental fee, the convention would donate an additional $200.00 to Sweetwater Chapel. The location committee recommended that the 2011 be held at Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church in Tallapoosa, GA. It will meet 1st Sunday and Saturday before of December 2011.


John Hollingsworth 82t; Frank DeBolt 136; Darrell Swarens 464; Claudia Dean 282; Steve Smith 128b; Leslie Booher 87; Tina Becker 339; Harry Eskew 386; Chris Wilhelm and Jane Spencer and Ann Strange 432b. After announcements, the convention closed with singing 549b (“The Drone”). Henry Johnson offered the closing prayer.

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