Newton County Christian Harmony Convention

Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church
Newton County, Mississippi

Saturday, June 26, 2021

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.
Leaders typically led two songs at a time.

Mark Davis welcomed the class and led
95, Canaan's Land
John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer. Mark then led
67b, Dundee
21, Webster - Bill Hollingsworth
31t, Home
31b, Time - John Hollingsworth
47, Panting for Heaven, IMO Clarence Rigdon and Coy Ivey
193, Kay - Regina Derstine
41t, Mediation
190, Salutation - Chris Wilhelm, IMO Sharon Kellam
191, Oh! Turn, Sinner
134, Liberty - Judy Mincey, IMO Coy Ivey
459t, All-Saints, IMO Raymond Hamrick


Billy Hollingsworth led 131, Will You Meet Me?, to resume singing.
277, Sweet Affliction - Darlene Reynolds, IMO Pat Hollingsworth Toler
117, Angel Band, IMO Ina Hollingsworth Mozingo
54, My Trust - Regina Derstine and Todd Derstine
81t, Maitland, IMO Sharon Kellam
507b, Sicily - Chris Nicholson
546b, Oak Grove, IHO John Plunkett
155, Solemn Call - Arlon Gardner
153, Columbus
Bill Hollingsworth gave thanks for the noon meal.


133, Juniata - Mark Davis
30b, Dennis
264, Harwell - Bill Hollingsworth
168b, Sunrise, for Elizabeth and John Vanhorn
548, Macedonia - John Hollingsworth
250t, Realms of the Blest
316, This Heavy Load - Arlon Gardner
355, Homeward Bound
354, Summer - Regina Derstine
19, The Day of Days
258, Thorny Desert - Chris Wilhelm, IMO Nancy Belle Farr
462t, Lotha
50, Cranbrook - Judy Mincey
547, Higher Ground, IMO John Newton Merritt
128t, Hester - Darlene Reynolds, IMO her mother, Sally Lois Hollingsworth Kelly
291, Warrenton
216t, O, Save - Arlon Gardner, requested by Bobby Caldwell
86b, Hicks' Farewell - Todd Derstine and Regina Derstine
172, The Grand Highway
171, Sessions - Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn
82t, Lady, Touch Thy Harp Again

Mark Davis led the class in remembering some of the singers who have died over the past two years: Gordon Cotton, Lydia Hamby, Ina Hollingsworth Mazingo, Pat Hollingsworth Toler, Roy Davis, all of MS; Frank deBolt, Richard deLong, Harry Eskew and David Grant of GA; Floyd Nicholson, Jr.—TX, Bill Windom and Coy Ivey—AL, Bill Beverly—MI, Nancy Belle Farr—TN; Don and Charlotte Walker—VA.

369, Easter Anthem - Bill Hollingsworth
549b, The Drone

Mark Davis dismissed the class with prayer.

Minutes: Chris Wilhelm

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