The 12th Annual Singing at the Old Fields

St. John's Episcopal Church
Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee

Saturday, November 3, 2018

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition

With all the comings and goings during the day, there were about 25 singers, all told, plus a singer's son (Justified by Faith), and a baby. Lovely to have them. It was a cool, sunny day. Very nice.

70t, Arlington - Don Wiley
Welcome and opening prayer, Don Wiley
165, Babylon is Fallen - Julianne Wiley
396t, Adams - Leslie Booher
419t, Rockingham (First) - Dan Huger
59t, Mear - Kristen Arceo
24t, Volusia - Claudia Dean
546b, Oak Grove - Mary Grace Walrath, with Chris Wilhelm
516, Oliphant - Chris Wilhelm
425t, Exchange - Mary Baumeister
24b, Fredrica - Alexander Garden
208b, French Broad - Eli Snyder
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
179, Traveling On - Judy Jones and Dan Huger
293, Lenox - Jeanie Walker, with Leslie Booher


323, Holy Manna - Don Wiley
507b, Sicily - Julianne Wiley
507t, Union - Leslie Booher
85, Mercy Seat - Dan Huger
401b, Euphrates - Kristen Arceo
163b, Burroughs - Claudia Dean
157, Hallelujah - Mary Grace Walrath, with Leslie Booher
543, Chase High Road - Chris Wilhelm, for Larry Beveridge
250t, Realms of the Blest - Mary Baumeister
332, Babylonian Captivity - Alexander Garden
281t, Am I Born to Die? - Nichole from Seattle
548, Macedonia - Eli Snyder
140, Edom - Diane Eskenasy
67b, Dundee - led by Don Wiley served as our blessing before lunch

Dinner on the Grounds

459t, All-Saints - Don Wiley
432b, Fish Pond - Julianne Wiley
544, Life's Troubles - Leslie Booher
258, Thorny Desert - Jeff Farr
339, Samanthra - Rhodyjane Meadows
36t, Lovely Vine - Dan Huger
511, Farewell - Claudia Dean
541, Resignation (Second) - Mary Grace Walrath, with Leslie Booher
117, Angel Band - Chris Wilhelm, for Carolyn
15, My Consolation - Mary Baumeister
165, Babylon is Fallen - Alexander Garden


109, Not Made with Hands - Eli Snyder
89, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
369, Easter Anthem - Don Wiley
171, Sessions - Jeff Farr
248, Twilight is Falling - Rhodyjane Meadows
188, He Loves Me - Leslie Booher
52, Newburg - Dan Huger
103, Derrick - Claudia Dean
88, Pisgah - Mary Grace Walrath and Leslie Booher
23b, Evening Hymn - Chris Wilhelm
26t, Golden Hill - Mary Baumeister
216t, O, Save - Nichole from Seattle
86b, Hicks' Farewell - Eli Snyder, for a friend


200, Parting Hand - Don Wiley

Jeff Farr led us in prayer to close the singing.

We took up a donation-collection for St. John's in gratitude for their hospitality in hosting this singing and the monthly workshops throughout the year.

Secretaries: Jeanie Walker and Leslie Booher.

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