The 9th Annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention

No. 3 Railroad Street Community Center
Arnoldsville, Oglethorpe County, Georgia

Saturday, December 1, 2018 and Sunday, December 2, 2018

The 9th annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in December at Number 3 Railroad Street Community Center in Arnoldsville, Georgia.

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The class was called to order by Michael Spencer leading 21. John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Michael Spencer 495; Shannon Primm 22b, 123, for Dave Richardson; Lisa Bennett 346, 248, for Merv Horst, in memory of his brother Darryl; John Plunkett 23t, 415b; Helen Bryson 137, 189; David Smead 155, 8; Leslie Booher 396t, 543; Bill Hollingsworth 491, 318; Nathan Rees 54, 4; John Hollingsworth 347, 63; Hayden Arp 308, 266.


Michael Spencer led 58t to bring the class back together.

Leaders: Kevin Beirne 342, 172; Eli Snyder 154, 295; Carol Huang 131, 190; Ken Tate 339, 490; Nicholas Thompson 93, 10; Laura Hodges 90, 18; Mike Richards 9, 316; Andy Ditzler 292, 317. John Plunkett prayed before the meal.


The class was reconvened with Mike Spencer leading 163.

Leaders: Danny Creel 186, 354; Lauren Bock 19, 133; Alex Forsyth 1, 38; Debora Grosse 91; Robert Kelley 145b, 125t; Christy Sinksen 548, 55b; Rusha Wheeler 406, 164; Chris Wilhelm 28b; Nicole Scott 184, 128; Jesse P. Karlsberg 320, 338b; Michael Walker 43, 265; Cindy Tanner 51, 322; Justin Bowen 168b; Cassie Allen 176, 250; Wanda Capps 264; Ann Jett 322; Ainslie Allen 136; Yancey Jett 354; Jane Cannon 492.

A business meeting was held and the class elected the following officers: President-Michael Spencer; Vice President-Shannon Primm; Secretary-Jane Cannon; Treasurer-Shannon Primm. The following committees were appointed: Arranging Committee-Jane Cannon; Memorial Committee-Kevin Beirne and Cassie Allen; Resolutions Committee-Laura Hodges and Mike Richards; Locating Committee-Billy Hollingsworth and John Plunkett.


Jane Cannon brought the class back with 281.

Leaders: Leslie Booher 543; Kevin Beirne 16; Carol Huang 419t; Ken Tate 404t; Nicholas Thompson 110; Laura Hodges 364; Cindy Tanner 258; Robert Kelley 435; Nicole Scott 72t; Michael Walker 61b. Michael Spencer led 23 as the closing song, and Shannon Primm offered a closing prayer.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Sunday session of the Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention began with Shannon Primm leading 23t. Danny Creel offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Michael Spencer 493b, 402t; Jesse P. Karlsberg 182; Danny Creel 82b, 167b; David Brodeur 280, 313; Ann Jett 180, 149; Chris Wilhelm 455t; Cassie Allen 63b, 281t; Lisa Bennett 534, 544; John Plunkett 48, 262; Bill Hollingsworth 74, 111b.


Michael Spencer brought the class back with 448t.

Leaders: Nicole Scott 27t, 143; David Smead 132, 304; Ken Tate 50, 121t; Nathan Rees 332, 231, for Jonathon Smith; Hayden Arp 71, 6.

Memorial Lesson:

Kevin Beirne led 432b for the following sick and shut-ins: Charlene Wallace, Judy Mincey, Norma Mincey, Dorothy Lane, Robert Martel, Brenda Chafin, Vernon Chafin, Don Bowen, Don and Charlotte Walker; Cassie Allen led 204t for the following deceased: Robert Varkony, North Carolina, Doug Webb, Texas, Steve Helwig, Oregon, Polly Eskenasy, North Carolina, Mary Ellen Shrock, Florida and New York. Danny Creel closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Michael Walker 455b; Cindy Tanner 43, 85; Carol Huang 61t, 276. John Hollingsworth offered a prayer before the meal.


Jane Cannon brought the class back with 246.

Leaders: John Hollingsworth 369, 52; Eli Snyder 150, 198; Mike Richards 223, 362; Mildred Chandler 89; Rodney Chandler 372; Terry Chandler 126; Keillor Mose 211b, 186; Ainslie Allen 117; Alex Forsyth 326, 131; Andy Ditzler 305, 3; Lauren Bock 355, 54; Justin Bowen 64; Leslie Booher 546b, 49; Kevin Beirne 144b, 138; Nicholas Thompson 281b, 59b.


Jane Cannon brought the class back with 429.

Leaders: Laura Hodges 26t, 417b; Michael Walker 205, 13.

Committee Reports

Laura Hodges and Mike Richards presented Resolutions concerning the current and future singings, Shannon Primm presented the Treasurer's Report, the Locating Committee reported that the location for the 2019 convention will once again be Number 3 Railroad Street Community Center in Arnoldsville, GA. Reports were approved, and the business session was closed.

After announcements, the class closed the day by singing 549b (“The Drone”). Danny Creel dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Michael Spencer; Vice President—Shannon Primm; Secretary—Jane Cannon.

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