The 22nd Annual Old St. John's Singing

Old St. John's Historic Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina

Saturday, December 9, 2017 and Sunday, December 10, 2017

Saturday, December 9

(Saturday singing was from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.)

Singers gathered on a snowy weekend for the 22nd annual December singing at St. John's Historic Church. Jane Cannon welcomed the class and led 61t. Dorothy Lane offered prayer. Leaders: Chris Wilhelm 497t; Michael Spencer 163b; Robert Kelley 512; Leslie Booher 43; Roger Keane 313; Michael Walker 492b; Shannon Primm 103; Ben Fink 214; Dave Farmer 346; Brenda Dunlap 121b; Mike Richards 121t; Cindy Tanner 93; John Plunkett 527; Cassie Allen 167b; Hayden Arp 316; Jane Cannon 419t, for Jonathon Smith.


The class reassembled as Jane Cannon led 493b. Leaders: Eli Snyder 198; Shannon Primm 197; Chris Wilhelm 491, for Jonathan Wood; Roger Keane 245; Michael Spencer 397b; Leslie Booher 255; Ainslie Allen 117; Brenda Dunlap 215; Dave Farmer 347; Robert Kelley 477; Michael Walker 114); Cindy Tanner 168b; Ben Fink 299; Cassie Allen 307; Hayden Arp 110; John Plunkett 36t; Mike Richards 172. John Plunkett returned thanks for the noon meal.


Leaders: Jane Cannon 345; Chris Wilhelm 62b; Robert Kelley 18; Roger Keane 67b; Brenda Dunlap 546b; Shannon Primm 123; Ben Fink 203; Cindy Tanner 64; Michael Walker 97; Hayden Arp 6; Leslie Booher 136; Mike Richards 318; Cassie Allen 54; Dave Farmer 391; Martha Hubert 312; John Plunkett 534; Eli Snyder 509b; Jane Cannon 275.


Singing resumed with Michael Walker leading 455b. Leaders: Michael Spencer 402t; Chris Wilhelm 396t; Roger Keane 210t; Ben Fink 176; Robert Kelley 443; Cindy Tanner 322; Shannon Primm 154; Hayden Arp 4; Brenda Dunlap and June Hobbs 156; Mike Richards 362; Cassie Allen 182; Michael Walker 38; John Plunkett 304; Leslie Booher 544; Dave Farmer 226b; Eli Snyder 548. By concensus, the class sang 137. Following announcements Jane Cannon led Jane Cannon 231 and Shannon Primm closed the singing with prayer.

Sunday, December 10

(Sunday singing was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.)

The class was welcomed back by Jane Cannon who led 47t and Ben Shirley gave the morning prayer. Leaders: Chris Wilhelm 73t; Eli Snyder 30b; Ben Shirley 56t; Hayden Arp 58; Robert Kelley 38t; Mike Richards 26; Leslie Booher 274b; Cindy Tanner 139; Brenda Dunlap 27; Shannon Primm 131t; Dave Farmer 127; Cassie Allen 176b; Ainslie Allen 186; Michael Walker 144; Tom Dillon 452; Michael Spencer 191; David Wilson 276; Eli Snyder 475; Cindy Tanner 155; Jane Cannon 306.


Leaders: Jane Cannon 65; Ben Shirley 448b; Hayden Arp 331; Robert Kelley 280; Mike Richards 297; Leslie Booher 178; Cassie Allen 220, in memory of Daphene Causey; Brenda Dunlap 527; Shannon Primm 81b; Dave Farmer 455; Ainslie Allen 196; Michael Walker 187; Tom Dillon 84; Michael Spencer 420; Maddy Mullany 302; David Wilson 163b; Jane Cannon 328; Eli Snyder 215; Cindy Tanner 368; Hayden Arp 138t; Cassie Allen 512. Leslie Booher gave thanks for the noon meal.


Leaders: Jane Cannon 461; Ben Shirley 118; Robert Kelley 225b; Mike Richards 298; Leslie Booher 319; Brenda Dunlap 441; Shannon Primm 440; Dave Farmer 225t; Ainslie Allen 29t; Michael Walker 506; Tom Dillon 40; Michael Spencer 393; David Wilson 34b; Maddy Mullany 145t; Judy Mincey 216, for Daphene Causey; Jane Cannon 500; Eli Snyder 542; Cindy Tanner 498; Ben Shirley 115; Hayden Arp 434, for Daphene Causey; Robert Kelley 572; Cassie Allen 485; Mike Richards 200.


Leaders: Leslie Booher 448t; Brenda Dunlap 511; Shannon Primm 142; Dave Farmer 532; Ainslie Allen 132; Michael Walker 207; Tom Dillon 569b, in memory of Sarah Ruona; Michael Spencer 370; David Wilson 313b; Maddy Mullany 335; Judy Mincey 236, for the Hollingsworth family. After announcements Jane Cannon led 382 and Ben Shirley closed with prayer.

Chairman—Jane Cannon; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm.

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