The 6th Annual Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing

Morris' Outdoor Pavilion, Warren Wilson College
Swannanoa, Buncombe County, North Carolina

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The singers were greeted by Jane Spencer who briefly introduced 7-shape singing and led (from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition) 61t. Leslie Booher led in prayer. Leaders: Kevin Kehrberg 293; Chris Wilhelm 93; Rachel Rudi and Emma Brown 455b; John Plunkett 127; Tina Becker 88; Gary Poe 509b; Ron Pen 117; Mary Baumeister 65, for Sharon Kellam; Tarik, Faiz and Cora Wareh 339, for Joann; Robert Kelley 466; Don Wiley 217; Faiz Wareh 210t; Dorothy Lane 215; Leslie Booher 419t; Molly Merrell 85; Ann Strange 58b; Jonathan Wood 77.


Jane Spencer reconvened the singing with 465t; Sarah Kehrberg 89; Martha Hubert and Devin Hunter 255; Dave Farmer 541; Harry Eskew 51 (SoH); Michael Spencer 334; Joe Holbert 282.

And lessons from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition... Leaders: Jane Spencer 171; Kevin Kehrberg 117; Tarik Wareh and Cora Wareh 331; Chris Wilhelm 539; John Plunkett 547; Faiz Wareh 89; Tina Becker 515; Ron Pen 455; Mary Baumeister 313b. John Plunkett asked the blessing before the noon meal.


Current officers were reelected by acclamation. Leaders: Ron Pen 73b; Tarik Wareh 230; Robert Kelley 422; Tom Dillon 569b; Madeline Wadley 340; Leslie Booher 448t; Molly Merrell 39t; Jonathan Wood 455; Dave Farmer 339; Maggie Shar 276; Chris Berg 267; Harry Eskew 146; Michael Spencer 393; Joe Holbert 178; Jane Spencer and Annie Haught 384.


Ron Pen introduced The Southern Harmony, 1854 facsimile, 1987 UofK reprint and led 103.

Leaders: Jane Spencer 115; Chris Wilhelm 121; John Plunkett 72t; Mary Baumeister 15; Tarik, Faiz and Cora Wareh 145; Robert Kelley 147; Jonathan Wood 275; Tina Becker 46; Michael Spencer 41; Molly Merrell 150. Jane Spencer, Ron Pen and Chris Wilhelm led 62 as the final song and Michael Spencer closed the singing with prayer.

Chairman—Jane Spencer; Vice Chairman—Ron Pen; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm.

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