New Providence Singing

New Providence Primitive Baptist Church
near Greenville, Butler County, Alabama

Saturday, July 31, 2004

The singers used The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing),
as well as Lloyd's Primitive Hymns (tagged with `LH').

The singing opened with class singing 46t, The Hill of Zion.
Elder Scott Sexton delivered the opening prayer. With a class size of intimate proportions, singers elected to sing without calling leaders to direct. The following are the singers present and the songs that they requested of the class:

163t, Hollis - Bill Hogan
135, Raymond
23t, Phillippi - Mako Cook
23b, Evening Hymn
40b, Weeping Sinners - Ruth Wyers
41t, Mediation
111b, Judkins - Tim Cook
73b, Downs
210t, Old Hundred - Nancy Coeyman
140, Edom
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old - Emmie Lou Grayson
119, Weary Souls
85b, Mercy Seat
86t, Ortonville - Ruth Wyers


Class called back to order.

165, Babylon is Fallen - Robert DuPree
293, Lenox
129, Coronation - Carl May
325b, Jesus Died For Me - Ruth Wyers
120, Home in the Sky
117, Angel Band - Regina Grayson
168b, Sunrise - Bill Hogan
172, The Grand Highway - Carl May


The afternoon session began with alternating between the Christian Harmony and Lloyd's Hymns:

490 (LH) - Ruth Wyers
10 (LH)
31t, Home - Scott Sexton
91, There is a Fountain - Ruth Wyers
349, Redemption (First) - Emmie Lou Grayson
298, My Shepherd Guides - Ruth Wyers
301, John Street - Tim Cook
128t, Hester - Nancy Coeyman
70b, Brown - Mako Cook
264, Harwell - Bill Hogan
189, One by One - Regina Grayson
23 (LH) - Ruth Wyers
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old
185, Corinth
206, Prayer Meeting - Tim Cook
160, The Saint's Delight - Bill Hogan
60, What Did He Do?
67b, Dundee - Mako Cook
281b, Palmetto - Robert DuPree
55b, Idumea - Scott Sexton
179, Traveling On - Emmie Lou Grayson
689 (LH) - Ruth Wyers

Also singing today were Jean McNaughton and Mary McCormick.
In closing the class sang 30b, Dennis, and Elder Scott Sexton offered the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Tim Cook.

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