The 2nd Memorial Day Weekend Singings at St. John's

Old St. John's Historic Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina

Saturday, May 26, 2018 and Sunday, May 27, 2018

On Saturday all selections were from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.
Singers sometimes led two songs at a time.

Michael Walker opened the singing with
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old.
Prayer: Shannon Primm
Michael Walker welcomed singers, commenting that we had gathered from many places and that shape note singers were familiar with adapting to various situations. Because St. John's is under renovation, we were to lunch at local restaurants rather than sharing a meal at the church.
Michael then led a brief singing school for new singers.
143, Farther Along - Michael Walker
329, Redeeming Grace - Chris Wilhelm
89, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
51, Lonsdale
249, Green Fields - Phil Perrin
303, The Unclouded Day
228, Pass Me Not - Martha Hubert
212, Christian Prospect - Mary Baumeister and Susan Lyda
164t, Convict - Eli Snyder


Jane Cannon brought the group back with
82b, Gospel Waves
493b, Day-Star - Michael Spencer
163b, Burroughs
289, Happy Land - Leslie Booher
188, He Loves Me
93, Something New - Hayden Arp
110, Volunteers, for the Creel family
154, Happy Time - Shannon Primm
135, Raymond - Dave Farmer, IMO his father
136, Sherburne
419t, Rockingham (First) - Maddy Mullany
299, Green Meadows - Chris Berg
507t, Union
267, Louisiana - Jane Cannon
455b, Rockbridge
Shannon Primm returned thanks and the class adjourned for 1 1/2 hours.


Michael Walker reconvened the class leading
262, Collins
64, Youthful Blessings
1, Weary Rest - Chris Wilhelm
117, Angel Band - Phil Perrin
255, Watchman (Second) - Martha Hubert
511, Farewell - Mary Baumeister and Susan Lyda
168b, Sunrise - Bobbi Albert and Cathy Terrell
189, One by One
138, Rest in the Kingdom - Eli Snyder
166, What Can I Do? - Michael Spencer
43, The Heavenly Throng - Leslie Booher
6, Babel's Streams - Hayden Arp
316, This Heavy Load - Shannon Primm
464, Reformation - Dave Farmer
203, Cumberland - Maddy Mullany
55b, Idumea - Susan Schmidt
283, Willowby - Chris Berg
131, Will You Meet Me? - Patty Judson
54, My Trust - Jane Cannon
176, Heavenly Treasures - Hayden Arp
492b, Supplication - Shannon Primm
397b, Bedan - Michael Spencer
318, The Martial Trumpet - Michael Walker
179, Traveling On - Leslie Booher
359, Wondrous Love - Dave Farmer
449, Cosmer - Bobbi Albert

Michael Walker thanked the class for their participation and acknowledged those who had contributed in special ways to the singing. Following announcements of upcoming singings, Shannon Primm led in prayer.
Michael Walker encouraged us to return the following day to sing from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Ed. He led
23b, Evening Hymn, as the closing song.

Chairman: Michael Walker; Secretaries: Patty Judson and Chris Wilhelm.

On Sunday all selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition

On Sunday the class reassembled with Michael Walker leading 63. Shannon Primm offered prayer.
Leaders: Michael Walker 138b; Ian Quinn 92, 89; Jane Cannon 65, 49; Hayden Arp 213t, 75; Shannon Primm 157, 83t; Eli Snyder 39t, 61; Maddy Mullany 345b, 319; Patty Judson 171, 195; Leslie Booher 156, 128; Chris Wilhelm 500; Dave Farmer 455, 81t; Michael Spencer 289, 370; Mary Baumeister 545, IMO Wanda Mount; 540.


Leaders: Michael Walker 418, 169; Ian Quinn 174; Jane Cannon 133; Hayden Arp 149; Shannon Primm 454, for Ruth Steggles; Eli Snyder 436; Maddy Mullany 86; Patty Judson 102. Leslie Booher returned thanks for the noon meal. We had lunch on our own because building repairs prevented joining together in a shared meal at the church.


Leaders: Michael Walker 144; Leslie Booher 178; Jane Cannon 349; Chris Wilhelm 298; Dave Farmer 162; Michael Spencer 521; Phil Perrin 127; Mary Baumeister 333; Michael Walker 456; Ian Quinn 225b; Hayden Arp 386; Shannon Primm 564; Eli Snyder 384; Maddy Mullany 344; Leslie Booher 163b; Jane Cannon 315; Patty Judson 209; Dave Farmer 267; Phil Perrin 354b; Michael Spencer 308; Mary Baumeister 433.


Leaders: Michael Walker 354t, 475; Ian Quinn 41; Chris Wilhelm 548; Hayden Arp 340; Shannon Primm 284; Eli Snyder 134; Maddy Mullany 36b; Leslie Booher 473; Jane Cannon 478; Patty Judson 472; Dave Farmer 365; Phil Perrin 59; Michael Spencer 420; Mary Baumeister 506.

In closing remarks Michael Walker thanked all for participating and commended those who had contributed in additional ways to the singing. The class had sung a total of 70 lessons. Following announcements Michael Walker led 62, and Shannon Primm closed the singing with prayer.

Chairman—Michael Walker; Secretaries—Patty Judson and Chris Wilhelm.

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