The 1st Memorial Day Weekend Singings at St. John's

Old St. John's Historic Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina

Saturday, May 27, 2017 and Sunday, May 28, 2017

On Saturday all selections were from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

To begin the day Ian Quinn led a singing school on beating time and singing with accent to maintain tempo and achieve communion of spirit and body among singers.
105t, Tender Care - Jane Cannon
Prayer - John Hollingsworth

In a brief business meeting the class elected Michael Walker chairman and Chris Wilhelm secretary.

35b, Boylston - John Hollingsworth
385, Sweet Heaven - Eli Snyder
408t, Shirland - Chris Wilhelm
412t, Howard - Michael Spencer
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old - Mark Miller
332, Babylonian Captivity - Jonathon Smith
455b, Rockbridge - Shannon Primm
110, Volunteers - Nigel Bowley
117, Angel Band - Diane Eskenasy, IMO Glenda Umerski
67b, Dundee - Jonathan Gaylord
244t, Mutual Love - Nathan Rees
278, God Holds the Future - Mary Baumeister
230b, Amboy - Bill Hollingsworth
164t, Convict - Leslie Booher
88, Pisgah - Phil Perrin
372, I Won't Turn Back - Jackson Fleder
397b, Bedan - Judy Mincey
109, Not Made with Hands - Lamar Matthew
419t, Rockingham (First) - Jonathan Wood
186, Lord Remember Me - Harry Scott
178, That Beautiful Land - Justin Bowen
John Hollingsworth returned thanks for the midday meal.


281b, Palmetto - Michael Walker
106, Sweet Rivers - Kyle Johnston
168b, Sunrise - Tom George
131, Will You Meet Me? - Ian Quinn
342, Blest Morn - John Hollingsworth
149, A Good Time Coming - Patty Judson and Chris Wilhelm
310t, Our Journey Home - Michael Spencer
544, Life's Troubles - Jonathon Smith
354, Summer - Shannon Primm
122, The Dying Boy - Nigel Bowley
89, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
1, Weary Rest - Nathan Rees
543, Chase High Road - Mary Baumeister
540, Funeral Anthem - Bill Hollingsworth
215, In That Morning - Leslie Booher, IMO Glenda Umerski
249, Green Fields - Phil Perrin
549b, The Drone - Jackson Fleder
51, Lonsdale - Judy Mincey
130b, Passing Away - Lamar Matthew
546b, Oak Grove - Jonathan Wood
148, Leander - Harry Scott
172, The Grand Highway - Justin Bowen
318, The Martial Trumpet - Michael Walker


43, The Heavenly Throng - Jane Cannon
61t, North Carolina - Kyle Johnston
546t, The Holy Spirit - Tom George
63t, Condescension - Ian Quinn
138, Rest in the Kingdom - Patty Judson and Chris Wilhelm
329, Redeeming Grace - Jane Cannon
307, True Happiness - Eli Snyder and Chris Wilhelm
143, Farther Along - Phil Perrin
171, Sessions - Jackson Fleder
402t, Olive Leaf - Leslie Booher and Michael Spencer
133, Juniata - Judy Mincey and Ian Quinn
128t, Hester - Kyle Johnston
26b, Ninety-Third - Lamar Matthew and Harry Scott
54, My Trust - Justin Bowen and Tom George
432b, Fish Pond - Mary Baumeister and Diane Eskenasy
113, The Converted Thief - Nigel Bowley and Jonathan Wood
209, The Lord's Supper - Nathan Rees and Jonathon Smith
465t, Breaker - Jane Cannon and Michael Walker
203, Cumberland - Michael Walker
Closing prayer - Shannon Primm

Michael Walker—Chairman; Chris Wilhelm—Secretary.

On Sunday all selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition

For the first session on Sunday, Nathan Rees led a singing school on observing rests, communicating with the class when leading and how to beat time Sacred Harp style.


Michael Walker opened the singing with 35. Leaders: Jane Cannon 34t; Dave Farmer 34b; Diane Eskenasy 181; Patty Judson 480; Jonathan Wood 82t; Dorothy Lane 95; Leslie Booher 274b; Judy Mincey 311; Bill Lowry 155; Jackson Fleder 460; Lamar Matthew 388; Justin Bowen 206; Ian Quinn 92; Nigel Bowley 54; Mary Baumeister 449; Shannon Primm 225t (for Hugh McGraw); Harry Scott 171; Nathan Rees 352; Tom George 57; Gretchen Caverly 36b; Erica Martinez 299; Jonathon Smith 165; Chris Wilhelm 489; Michael Spencer 289; Michael Walker 426b; Dave Farmer 168; Diane Eskenasy 222; Patty Judson 187; Jonathan Wood 268.

Shannon Primm offered prayer for the noon meal.


Leaders: Michael Walker 462; Leslie Booher 32b; Judy Mincey 350; Bill Lowry 84; Jackson Fleder 392; Lamar Matthew 154; Justin Bowen 570; Ian Quinn 500; Nigel Bowley 466; Mary Baumeister 567; Jane Cannon 478; Harry Scott 448t; Phil Perrin 354b; Nathan Rees 353; Shannon Primm 527; Tom George 336; Erica Martinez 349; Gretchen Caverly 31t; Tom Dillon 569b; Jonathon Smith 74t; Michael Spencer 382; Dorothy Lane 455; Chris Wilhelm 308; Michael Walker 298.


Leaders: Michael Walker 134; Bill Lowry 479; Jackson Fleder and Carl Carroll and Maria McDonald 47b; Tom George and Justin Bowen 522; Lamar Matthew 113; Ian Quinn 228; Nigel Bowley and Harry Scott 524; Erica Martinez 532; Jonathon Smith and Nathan Rees 351; Tom Dillon 446; Phil Perrin 59; Dave Farmer 454; Michael Walker 528; Leslie Booher and Jane Cannon 178.

Following announcements Michael Walker thanked all who helped the weekend go smoothly, then led 62, as the last lesson. Shannon Primm closed the singing with prayer. Throughout the day many singers were aware of Hugh McGraw's grave physical decline and chose lessons to commemorate his life-long contribution to Sacred Harp.

Chairman—Michael Walker; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm.

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