The 8th Annual Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing

Morris' Outdoor Pavilion, Warren Wilson College
Swannanoa, Buncombe County, North Carolina

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing was held at Warren Wilson College in the Morris' Pavilion on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July in conjunction with Old Time Music & Dance Week. The singers were greeted by Jane Spencer who began with The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition and led 26b. Ron Pen offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ron Pen 117; Chris Wilhelm 36b; Dorothy Lane 215; Kevin Kehrberg 248; Michael Spencer 225t; Leslie Booher 544; Robert Kelley 530; Sarah Kehrberg 184; William Simerly 67b; Mary Baumeister 67t; Dave Farmer 267; Ghilman Brock 88; Susan Schmidt 89; Linda Krieger 55b; Diane Eskenasy 51.


With lessons from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition; leaders: Jane Spencer 67; Ron Pen 146; Chris Wilhelm 564.

In a brief business meeting, Jane Spencer and Ron Pen were reelected to their respective positions. Chris Wilhelm was elected secretary. Ron Pen expressed appreciation to Warren Wilson College for providing use of the Morris' Pavilion and thanks to God for good weather for the day.

Leaders: Dorothy Lane 178; Kevin Kehrberg 373; Michael Spencer 308; Leslie Booher 133; Robert Kelley 170; Sarah Kehrberg 186; William Simerly 312b; Mary Baumeister 445; Dave Farmer 473; Ghilman Brock 282; Susan Schmidt 268; Linda Krieger 209; Sally Morgan 33b; Diane Eskenasy 200, as grace for the noon meal.


With lessons from The Southern Harmony, 1854 facsimile, 1987 UofK reprint; leaders: Jane Spencer 277; Ron Pen 103; Chris Wilhelm 63; Kevin Kehrberg 56; Michael Spencer 41; Leslie Booher 276b; Robert Kelley 196; Sarah Kehrberg 322; Mary Baumeister 281t; Ghilman Brock 38; Susan Schmidt 265; Linda Krieger 195.


The final session was leader's choice. Tunes are tagged as follows: from The Christian Harmony (2010), tagged with 'CH10'; from The Sacred Harp (1991), with 'SH'; and from The Southern Harmony (1854), with 'SoH'.

Leaders: Jane Spencer 269 (SH); Ron Pen 455 (SH); Chris Wilhelm 125 (SoH); Dorothy Lane 569b (SH); Kevin Kehrberg 349 (SH); Michael Spencer 493b (CH10); Leslie Booher 546b (CH10); Robert Kelley 91 (SoH); Sarah Kehrberg 117 (SH); William Simerly 63 (SH); Mary Baumeister 110 (SoH); Dave Farmer 479 (SH); Susan Schmidt 454 (SH). The officers led 267 (SH) as the final song. Michael Spencer closed in prayer.

Chairman—Jane Spencer; Vice Chairman—Ron Pen; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm.

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