Creel Memorial Christian Harmony Singing

Union Baptist Church
Jefferson County, Alabama

Sunday, January 19, 2014

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

The annual Christian Harmony singing, usually held at Old County Line Church, was held at Union Baptist Church on the third Sunday in January. The class was called to order by Yancey Jett leading 281. The morning prayer was offered by Henry Guthery.

Ken Tate presented a request that the singing be named the Creel Memorial Christian Harmony Singing, and the class agreed. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-chairmen—Yancey Jett and Cassie Allen; Secretary—Emily Creel Brown; Arranging Officer—Cindy Tanner.

Leaders: Yancey Jett 354; Cassie Allen 364, 307; Tim Taylor 214, 397t; Henry Johnson 105b, 467b; Bea Aaron 131, 189; Stanley Smith 235, 247; SuNell Ellis 14, 109; Joan Aldridge 19; Bill Hogan 258, 432; David Daniel 184, 355.


Yancey Jett led 264 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Mary Amelia Taylor 9b, 336; Eddie Pierce 82b, 188; John Plunkett 312, 234; Judy Caudle 138, 339; Eugene Forbes 253, 85; Ann Jett 170, 180.


The class was brought back to order by Yancey Jett leading 287. Leaders: Cindy Tanner 168b, 51; Billy Thompson 342; Samuel Sommers 50, 54; Darrell Swarens 84, 107; Henry Guthery 281t, 186.


The afternoon session began with Cassie Allen leading 80. Leaders: Nancy Hogan 149, 362; Richard Mauldin 22t, 23t; Jeff James 322, 172; Angela Myers 343, 372; Danny Creel 326, 316; Emily Brown 241, 64; Tim Cook 38, 510t; Wanda Capps 142, 338b; Nathan Rees 332, 105t; Steve Adams and Cassie Allen 117, 95; Ken Tate 133, 166; Velton Chafin 158, 1; Yancey Jett, Julianna Jett, Madison Jett, Cassie Allen, Ainslie Allen, Shelley Calvert, Emma Calvert, Emily Brown, Reese Brown, and Raegan Brown 238 (in memory of Harrison Creel); Ainslie Allen and Emma Calvert 157, 137; Cassie Allen 176, 182(by request); Samuel Sommers 230b, 42 (by request); Bill Hogan and Stanley Smith 275; Yancey Jett and Cassie Allen 93.

Yancey Jett and Cassie Allen led 23b as the closing song. Ken Tate offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-chairmen—Yancey Jett and Cassie Allen; Secretary—Emily Brown

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