The 4th Annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention

Harmony Primitive Baptist Church
Calhoun, Gordon County, Georgia

Saturday, November 30, 2013 and Sunday, December 1, 2013

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

November 30, 2013, Saturday session.

The convention was called to order by President Michael Spencer, leading 21. The opening prayer was offered by chaplain Eddie Mash. The officers for this convention are: President—Mike Spencer; Vice-President—Bill Hollingsworth; Secretary—John Plunkett; Shannon Primm—Treasurer; Chaplain—Eddie Mash.

The appointed committees: Locating committee—John Plunkett and John Hollingsworth; Arranging—Jane Spencer and Mike Richards; Memorial—Henry Johnson; Resolutions—Judy Mincey.

The class resumed singing with Bill Hollingsworth 232t; John Plunkett 73b; Michael Thompson 163b; Darrell Swarens 107; John Hollingsworth 36t; Mako Cook 30b; Mary Ellen Schrock 180; Chris Wilhelm 63t; Tim Cook 459t; Ed Smith 290; Leslie Booher 513; Robert Kelley 418t; Mike Richards 235; Judy Mincey 123; Tony Hammock 345; Jane Spencer 64; Andy Morse 219; Michael Walker 210b; Eddie Mash 250t; Henry Johnson 5t.


The class resumed singing with President Mike Spencer leading 163t. Leaders: Bill Hollingsworth 214; John Plunkett 424; Michael Thompson 172; Darrell Swarens 341; John Hollingsworth 261b; Mako Cook 51; Mary Ellen Schrock 189; Chris Wilhelm 256t; Tim Cook 467b; Ed Smith 95; Leslie Booher 419t; Robert Kelley 445; Mike Richards 276; Judy Mincey 16; Tony Hammock 121t.

The class was dismissed for 1 hour for lunch, Eddie Mash offered the blessing.


The class resumed with Bill Hollingsworth leading 131. Leaders: Jerusha Wheeler 347; Susie Smith 82; Michael Walker 205; Andy Morse 490; Eddie Mash 352; Henry Johnson 281t; Michael Spencer 193; Bill Hollingsworth 369; John Plunkett 462t; Michael Thompson 281b; Darrell Swarens 52; John Hollingsworth 136; Mako Cook 412b; Mary Ellen Schrock 188; Chris Wilhelm 491 (for Nate Zweig); Tim Cook 484; Ed Smith 110; Leslie Booher 393b; Mike Richards 54; Robert Kelley 435; Judy Mincey 280.


Singing resumed with Mike Spencer leading 448t. Leaders: Tony Hammock 318; Jerusha Wheeler 137; Susie Smith 380; Michael Walker 322; Andy Morse 29; Eddie Mash 372; Henry Johnson 283; Michael Spencer 230. Eddie Mash dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mike Spencer opened the class leading 323. Leaders: Bill Hollingsworth 262; John Plunkett 509b; Eddie Mash 101; Henry Johnson 105b; Chris Wilhelm 319; Darrell Swarens 81t (for John Merritt); Judy Mincey 50; Michael Walker 455b; Mary Ellen Schrock 142; Robert Kelley 398b; Leslie Booher 544; Susie Smith 82; John Hollingsworth 98; Mike Richards 360.


The convention went into business session to elect officers for the 2014 convention. Bill Hollingsworth was elected President; John Plunkett—Vice-President; Judy Mincey—Secretary; Shannon Primm—Treasurer. President Mike Spencer provided the financial report. Judy Mincey offered the Resolutions Report: We, the 4th Annual GA State Christian Harmony Convention, hereby resolve to thank God for all his many blessings,including that of song. We thank Elder Bob Mitchell and the congregation of Harmony Primitive Baptist Church for their hospitality. A very special thank you goes to our kitchen angel, Elsie Hollingsworth. And thanks to all the singers who came from both near and far to make these walls ring. We resolve to meet again next year on the first Sunday in December and the Saturday before to hold the 5th Annual GA State Christian Harmony Convention at a location to be determined.
Respectfully submitted, Judy Mincey

The class resumed singing with leaders: Michael Spencer 225t; Bill Hollingsworth 546t; John Plunkett 300; Eddie Mash 49; Henry Johnson 105t; Chris Wilhelm 14; Darrell Swarens 91; Judy Mincey 133; Michael Walker 275; Mary Ellen Schrock 19; Robert Kelley 378; Leslie Booher 138; Susie Smith 135; John Hollingsworth 90. The class was dismissed one hour for lunch—Eddie Mash offered the blessing.


Singing resumed with Bill Hollingsworth leading 409. Leaders: Mike Richards 217; Michael Spencer 493b; John Plunkett 268; Robert Kelley 269b; Leslie Booher 436b; Michael Walker 355; Susie Smith 109; John Hollingsworth 358; Mary Ellen Schrock 432b; Eddie Mash 234; Judy Mincey 547.

Henry Johnson offered the Memorial Lesson, leading page 121b. The deceased: Shelbie Sheppard (AL); Jeff Sheppard (AL); Jean Gray (MS); Reuben Ball (GA); Lou Cotney (AL); Mary Kitchens Garner (AL); Bud Oliver (AL); Marilyn Regan. The Sick and shut-in: Jetha Brooks; Johanna Fabke; Sharon Kellam; Phillip Moore; Shannon Primm; Ruth Wyers; Ola Meadows; Raymond Hamrick. John Plunkett closed the Memorial lesson with prayer.

Singing resumed with Darrell Swarens leading 309; Chris Wilhelm 325; Jane Spencer and Bill Hollingsworth 548; Michael Spencer 218; Judy Mincey 546b.

The locating committee reported that the 2014 convention will be hosted by Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church in Decatur, GA. The officers led 549b (“The Drone”) as the closing song. Eddie Mash dismissed the convention with prayer.

President—Michael Spencer; Vice-President—Bill Hollingsworth; Secretary—John Plunkett.

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