Old County Line Christian Harmony Singing

Old County Line Church
Corner, Jefferson County, Alabama

Sunday, January 17, 2010

All selections from The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing).

The annual Christian Harmony singing at County Line Church was held on January 17, 2010. Chairman Danny Creel led 31t, followed with prayer by Marlin Beasley. The officers of this singing are: Danny Creel—Chairman; Emily Creel—Secretary; Cassie Allen—Arranging Committee.

Leaders: Danny Creel 149; Marlin Beasley 143; Ken Tate 176; Caitlin James Graff 180; David Daniel 165; Karen Clark 189; Tim Cook 75; Henry Schuman 42; Robert Walker 91; Eddie Mash 237; Joan Aldridge 19; Mako Cook 30b; John Hollingsworth 250; Harrison Creel 238; Nancy Hogan 41t; Gary Smith 281b.


Cassie Allen called the class back by leading 167b. Leaders: Jeff James 264; Tom George 57; Lauren Bock 137; Jane Spencer 318; Robert Kelley 38; Emily Creel 322 (for Elsie Moon); Nathan Rees 346; Lela Crowder 44b; Ann Jett 338b; Ed Thacker 163b; Judy Caudle 172; Sarah Smith 59b; Bill Hogan 372; Michael Spencer 361; Gaylon Powell 133; Kelsey Sunderland 216b; Cindy Tanner 168b; Samuel Sommers 54; Henry Johnson 25t; Dennis George 34; Shane Wooten 121t; Elene Stovall and Bea Carnathan 184; Bea Carnathan 131; Debbie Burton and Caitlin James Graff 117; Jesse P. Karlsberg 14; Henry Guthery 64; Alison Mitchell 214; Eddie Pierce 188t.


Danny Creel brought the class back after a satisfying lunch with 43. Leaders: Ainslie Allen 157; Emily Creel 186; Velton Chafin 63t; Sharon Collins 359; Yancey Jett 307; SuNell Ellis 77; Wanda Capps 85b; Edie Richardson 142; Robert DuPree 86t; Cassie Allen 354; Cassie Allen and Yancey Jett 308; Jane Spencer 272; Michael Spencer 385; Robert Kelley and Lela Crowder 16; Eddie Mash and Nathan Rees 316; Jesse P. Karlsberg and Lauren Bock 235; Bill and Nancy Hogan 51; Karen Clark and Alison Mitchell 76b; Kelsey Sunderland and Judy Caudle 258; Tim Cook and Mako Cook 301; Jeff James and Caitlin James Graff and Debbie Burton 59; Dennis George and Tom George 326 (by request); Henry Johnson and Ed Thacker 255; Samuel Sommers and Ann Jett 230b; Henry Guthery and Bea Carnathan 171; Robert Walker 280t; Velton Chafin 332; Gaylon Powell 208b; Gary Smith and Sarah Smith 349; Cindy Tanner and Yancey Jett 287; David Daniel 109; Sharon Collins 105b; Eddie Pierce 55b; Harrison Creel 93.

Announcements were given. Danny Creel led 23b and David Daniel closed the day with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Emily Creel, Secretary

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