The 13th Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing (Greenville)

The Church of Greenville
Simpsonville, Greenville County, South Carolina

Saturday, September 8, 2018

(All selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition. Singers often led two songs at a time.)

The Greenville-Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Robert Kelley leading 30t. John Plunkett offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Robert Kelley 88b; Leon Carnell 47b, 86; Dave Farmer 28t, 35; Jeremiah Ledbetter 166, 495; Frances Carnell 448t, 192; John Plunkett 354t, 83b; Barbara Brooks 457, 303; Phil Perrin 354b, 58; Robert Ludwig 36b, 299; Eli Snyder 36t, 133.


Robert Kelley called the class back to order leading 285b. Leaders: David Libbey 107, 374; Chris Wilhelm 474, 144; Deborah Evans 75, 480; Chris Carnell 95, 196; Mary Baumeister 385t, 433; Michael Spencer 420, 191; Adam Eastland 361; Rob Dillon 49b, 72b; Stephen Jones 338; Jesse Roberts 187, 297. Jesse Roberts offered thanks before the noon meal.


The class was called back into session by Robert Kelley leading 176t. Leaders: Charity Carnell 171; Justus Wells 57; Eric Carnell 163t, 47t; Sarah Carnell 178, 122; Heather Crosby 198, 454; Esther Carnell 61, 455; Leon Carnell 268; Dave Farmer 209; Jeremiah Ledbetter 384; Frances Carnell 383; John Plunkett 83t; Barbara Brooks 274b; Phil Perrin 127; Robert Ludwig 217; Eli Snyder 121; David Libbey 547.


Robert Kelley called the class back to order leading 211. The class entered into a business session, during which the current slate of officers was reelected. The class also adopted Greenville-Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing as the new name of the event, following a recent venue change.

Leaders: Chris Wilhelm 68t; Deborah Evans 45t; Chris Carnell 68b; Michael Spencer 521; Adam Eastland 143; Rob Dillon 162; Stephen Jones 29t; Jesse Roberts and Esther Carnell 478; Charity Carnell 518; Justus Wells and Sean Carlton 336; Eric Carnell 277; Heather Crosby 479; Esther Carnell 546.

Following announcements, Robert Kelley led 323t, as the closing song. Jesse Roberts dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Leon Carnell; Secretary—Dave Farmer.

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