Low Light Lake Lure Snow Day Singing

Lake Lure, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Lake Lure singing convened in the aftermath of a snow storm following the St. John's Rutherfordton, NC singing the previous day. The assembled were lodging in the hills around Lake Lure, and were without power and with limited outside contact. After a day of informal singing from the Christian Harmony and Sacred Harp, we decided to hold a minuted signing; however, without powered illumination we found ourselves with only the light of a gas powered fireplace.

Sam Kleinman called the class to order with 59 at approximately 6pm on behalf of Chair Jane Cannon and Vice-Chair Thom Fahrbach. Keillor Mose, arranging committee, discussed the opening prayer and its role in the practice of all day singings with Thom Fahrbach before turning the selection of the leaders to the class at their own recognizance.

Leaders: Michael Walker 101t; Alex Forsyth 201; Chyanne Ivey 106; Michael Walker 94; Lydia Lewallen 39b; Alex Forsyth 128, for Rodney Ivey who joined briefly by phone; Michael Walker 496; Hayden Arp 348b; Alex Forsyth 131b, for Michael Spencer who joined briefly by phone; Sam Kleinman 312b; Keillor Mose 99; Lydia Lewallen 318; Miriam Delirium 440; Hayden Arp 384; Lydia Lewallen 546.


Leaders: Thom Fahrbach 27; Keillor Mose 32t; Em Ekelund 114; Chyanne Ivey 166; Maggie Zhou 112; Michael Walker 144; Thom Fahrbach 196; Em Ekelund 217; Lydia Lewallen 392; Michael Walker 436; Alex Forsyth 411; Keillor Mose 422; Hayden Arp and Lydia Lewallen 432; Jane Cannon 300; Hayden Arp 542; Sam Kleinman 532; Chyanne Ivey 172.


Leaders: Chyanne Ivey 76b; Em Ekelund 48b; Alex Forsyth 48t; Michael Walker 30b; Lydia Lewallen 68b; Thom Fahrbach 388; Keillor Mose 386; Chyanne Ivey 386; Hayden Arp 441; Em Ekelund 267; Alex Forsyth 426t, in memory of Hobert Ivey; Hayden Arp 456; 460; Sam Kleinman 475, for B. M. Smith; Miriam Delirium 33b.


Leaders: Keillor Mose 111t; Miriam Delirium 111b; Em Ekelund 34t; Thom Fahrbach 73t; Keillor Mose 171; Hayden Arp 476; 483; 336, for Barret Patton; Lydia Lewallen 212; Chaynne Ivey 213t; Lydia Lewallen 208; Hayden Arp 507; Thom Fahrbach and Michael Walker 354t; Sam Kleinman 430; Em Ekelund 89; 65; Alex Forsyth 345b; Hayden Arp 269; Chyanne Ivey 418; Em Ekelund 377; Hayden Arp 383; Alex Forsyth and Lydia Lewallen 414; Chyanne Ivey 69t.

The Vice Chair offered resolutions of gratitude to the organizers and food committee: Em Ekelund; Jane Cannon; and Dann Pell. Keillor Mose offered a report from the arranging committee and provided closing prayer and the class was dismissed at roughly 12am.

Chair—Jane Cannon; Vice-Chair—Thom Fahrbach; Secretary—Sam Kleinman.

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