Blue Ridge Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Blue Ridge Primitive Baptist Church
Chatsworth, Murray County, Georgia

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Singers usually led two songs at a time.

The morning session was from the Old School Hymnal, 11th edition.

49, O Sing Of His Mighty Love - David Smith
354, I'll Be Satisfied
Kelly Smith: Prayer
227, House Of The Lord - Greg Smith
376, Sweet By And By
251, When I Can Read My Title Clear (Ninety-Fifth) - Kelly Smith
250, Beneath the Sacred Throne (Avon)
226, The Bride Of Christ - Mark Weaver
307, Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord - Polly Bearden
509, No Night
74, Sweet Hour Of Prayer - Loren Smith
76, Bower Of Prayer
353, How Sweet To Die - Paul Mooney, Jr.
458, In Worlds On High
397, Long Sought Home - Kyle Green
450, Anywhere Is Home
154, Amazing Grace (New Britain) - Katy Beloin and David Smith
337, Wondrous Love - Creslyn Green and Autumn Green
413, Victory In Jesus
40, Hand In Hand With Jesus
368, Twilight Is Stealing - Cindy Cole
412, Rest For The Weary
378, How Beautiful Heaven Must Be - Cheryl Murphy
355, In That Morning
118, I Need The Prayers - Thurman Bishop
120, Jesus Lover Of My Soul (Martyn)
364, And Let This Feeble Body Fail (Hallelujah) - Connie Goss
359, Where The Soul Never Dies
134, Not Made With Hands - Matthew Green and Creslyn Green and Brett Smith
500, How Great Thou Art
Paul Mooney, Prayer


Afternoon session—The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing), unless otherwise noted.

31t, Home - David Smith
30b, Dennis
56t, America - Greg Smith
59t, Mear
207t, Windham - Kelly Smith
165, Babylon is Fallen
174t, Prospect
248, Twilight is Falling - Mark Weaver
324 (OSH), My Dream
253, Is It Far? - Polly Bearden
27t, Morning Worship
255, Watchman (Second) - Loren Smith
287, Indian Convert
274, Mother Tell Me of the Angels - Paul Mooney, Jr.
131, Will You Meet Me?
269t, Restoration - Kyle Green
245, Bozrah
372, I Won't Turn Back - Creslyn Green and Autumn Green
355, Homeward Bound
179, Traveling On - Cindy Cole and Cassie Johnson
249t, Green Fields
55b, Idumea - Cheryl Murphy
135, Raymond - Cheryl Murphy and David Smith
258, Thorny Desert - Connie Goss and Katy Beloin
89, Northfield
91, There is a Fountain - Matthew Green
433 (OSH), Now To The Power Of God Supreme
3 (OSH), The Doxology
Kyle Green: Prayer

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