The 11th Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing (Gray Court)

Ora Old Fields Presbyterian Church at the Culbertson Backcountry Settlement
Gray Court, Laurens County, South Carolina

Saturday, September 10, 2016

(All selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition. Singers often led two songs at a time.)

The 11th Pioneer Day singing was called to order by Robert Kelley leading 37b. Leon Carnell offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Robert Kelley 27; Chris Wilhelm 99, 113; Mary Baumeister 206, 506; Leon Carnell 36b, 47b; Dave Farmer 128, 107; Frances Carnell 523, 30t; Phil Perrin 354b, 127; David Libbey 503, 374; Jacob Lindler 278t, 28t; Jesse Roberts 338, 155; Nick Gattis 276, 178; Eric Carnell 39b, 168; Jonathan Wood 38b, 493.


Leaders: Robert Kelley 63, 47t; Chris Wilhelm 123b, 479; Mary Baumeister 531, 145b; Leon Carnell 56b, 268; Dave Farmer 145t, 313b; Frances Carnell 448t, 542; Phil Perrin 35, 45t. Jesse Roberts returned thanks for the noon meal.


Leaders: Robert Kelley 153; David Libbey 224, 122; Jacob Lindler 417, 40; Jesse Roberts 266, 131b; Nick Gattis 117, 167; Jonathan Wood 77t, 31t.


Leaders: Robert Kelley 192; Chris Wilhelm 70b; Mary Baumeister 169; Leon Carnell 198; Dave Farmer 267 (in unison); Frances Carnell 460, 365; Phil Perrin 457, 30b; David Libbey 504, 86; Jacob Lindler 154, 32b; Jesse Roberts 33b, 441; Nick Gattis 312b, 274b; Jonathan Wood 119, 83t. Robert Kelley 209 (by request). Following announcements Robert Kelley led 69b and Jesse Roberts closed in prayer.

Chairman—Robert Kelley; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm.

Minutes: Chris Wilhelm

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