Second Annual Cloudland Community Singing

Conference Center, Roan Mountain State Park, Roan Mountain, Tennessee
Saturday, 20 April 2013

About 17 singers, maybe 25 people total, gathered on a gorgeous, cool day for a much needed singing. It had been a long week with terrible news of tragedies from Boston and West, Texas.

323 Holy Manna--Don Wiley
PRAYER--Don Wiley
67t Peterboro, verses 1 & 2--Don Wiley
446 Damascus--Julianne Wiley
296 Carmarthen--Leslie Booher
85 Mercy Seat--Chris Wilhelm
67t Peterboro, verse 3--Mary Baumeister
66t Balermo--Mary Baumeister
313 Bruce's Address--Dan McCarter
299 Green Meadows--Rhodyjane Meadows
86b Hicks Farewell--Don Wiley
360 The Saints Bound for Heaven--Julianne Wiley


138 Rest in the Kingdom--Leslie Booher
165 Babylon Is Fallen--Chris Wilhelm and Dan McCarter
245 Bozrah--Mary Baumeister
214 Hosanna--Rhodyjane Meadows
507 Union--Art Lang and Mary Baumeister
128 Hester--Don Wiley
129 Coronation--Julianne Wiley
128b Ninety-Fifth--Leslie Booher
419t Rockingham--Chris Wilhelm
455b Rockbridge--Mary Baumeister
67b Dundee (blessing)--Don Wiley


452b Hebron--Dan McCarter
248 Twilight Is Falling--Rhodyjane Meadows
333 Night Is Coming--Harry Morgan
100 Tennessee--Harry Powell
293 Lenox--Julianne Wiley
341 The Lone Pilgrim--Don Wiley
142 The Solid Rock--Kae Robbins and Rhodyjane Meadows
303 The Unclouded Day--Peggy Holtzclaw and Mary Baumeister
188 He Loves Me--Leslie Booher
143 Farther Along--Gail Elkins and Don Wiley


203 Cumberland--Chris Wilhelm (for Sharon Kellam)
179 Traveling On--Ellie Hjemmet
35b Boylston, for the people of Boston--Mary Baumeister
249 Green Fields--Dan McCarter
107 Resignation--Rhodyjane Meadows
216b Social Band--Don Wiley
76b Night--Don Wiley (as the closing song)
PRAYER--Don Wiley

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