The 7th Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing (Gray Court)

Ora Old Fields Presbyterian Church at the Culbertson Backcountry Settlement
Gray Court, Laurens County, South Carolina

Saturday, September 8, 2012

(All selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition. Singers often led two songs at a time.)

The 7th session of the Gray Court Pioneer Day singing was called to order by Robert Kelley leading 56t. The opening prayer was offered by Jesse Roberts.

Leaders: Leon Carnell 49b, 503; Dave Farmer 184, 146; Frances Carnell 312b, 354t; John Hollingsworth 109, 108t; John Plunkett 52t, 88t; Tom Ivey 82b, 472; Sharon Strong 24t, 352; Jesse Roberts 95, 91; Micah Roberts 107, 481; Mary Baumeister 50t, 148; Robert Ladwig 47b, 40.


The singing resumed with Chris Wilhelm leading 26 and 501. In a business session it was agreed to keep the same officers as follows: Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Leon Carnell; Secretary—David Libbey.

Leaders: Roger Keane 178, 35; Jonathan Wood 383, 448t; Emily Wood 162; Michael Spencer 278t, 205; Katy Kanfer 73t, 465; Jane Spencer 106, 390; Rachel Rudi 60, 460; Deborah Evans 68t, 480.


Robert Kelley brought the class back to order leading 212. Leaders: Leon Carnell 457; Dave Farmer 209, 567; Frances Carnell 365, 313t; Chris Carnell 326, 378b; Eric Carnell 299, 384; John Hollingsworth 415; Eric Carnell 45t; John Plunkett 53; Tom Ivey 236, 549; Sharon Strong 524, 456; Jesse Roberts 96, 217; Micah Roberts 171, 276; Mary Baumeister 102; Robert Ladwig 547, 77t; Chris Wilhelm 338.


Robert Kelley called the class back to order leading 425 and 45t (by request). Leaders: Jonathan Wood 99; Chris Carnell 112; Eric Carnell 163b, 344; Michael Spencer 393, 467; Katy Kanfer 475, 399b; Jane Spencer 478; Rachel Rudi and Jane Spencer 548; Leon Carnell, Frances Carnell, Chris Carnell, Eric Carnell and children, Miriam, MaryGrace, Bethany, and Charity 155; Robert Kelley 532, 454.

Announcements were made. Robert Kelley led 382, as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Jesse Roberts, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman—Leon Carnell; Secretary—David Libbey.

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