The 1st Annual Cloudland Community Singing

Conference Center, Roan Mountain State Park
Roan Mountain, Carter County, Tennessee

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Roan Mountain State Park manager, Patrick Gagan, welcomed the singers to Roan Mountain State Park and gave a brief overview of the facility.

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Rhody Jane Meadows and Art Lang opened the singing with
129, Coronation.
163t, Hollis - Alexander Garden, giving thanks for his health.
421b, Caddo - Don Wiley
46t, The Hill of Zion - Sharon Kellam
493b, Day-Star - Chris Wilhelm
191, Oh! Turn, Sinner - Julianne Wiley
436b, It Is I - Leslie Booher
546t, The Holy Spirit - Mary Baumeister
91, There is a Fountain - Harry Morgan and Rhodyjane Meadows


339, Samanthra - Rhodyjane Meadows
507t, Union - Art Lang and Rhodyjane Meadows
459t, All-Saints - Don Wiley
88, Pisgah - Sharon Kellam
325b, Jesus Died For Me - Chris Wilhelm
160, The Saint's Delight - Julianne Wiley (v.1,2)
294, Carmarthen - Leslie Booher
121b, Greensboro - Mary Baumeister
109, Not Made with Hands - Harry Morgan and Rhodyjane Meadows
248, Twilight is Falling - Rhodyjane Meadows
70t, Arlington - Don Wiley

210t, Old Hundred, as Grace for...


107, Resignation (First) - Rhodyjane Meadows
171, Sessions - Sharon Kellam
548, Macedonia - Chris Wilhelm
507b, Sicily - Julianne Wiley
393b, China - Leslie Booher
432b, Fish Pond - Mary Baumeister
142, The Solid Rock - Harry Morgan and Rhodyjane Meadows
66b, The Penitent's Prayer - Don Wiley
147, Fairfield - Sharon Kellam
208b, French Broad - Chris Wilhelm
269t, Restoration - Julianne Wiley
55b, Idumea - Tony Townsend and Rhodyjane Meadows


188, He Loves Me - Leslie Booher
95, Canaan's Land - Mary Baumeister
206, Prayer Meeting - Harry Morgan and Rhodyjane Meadows
128t, Hester - Don Wiley
344, Morality - Sharon Kellam
160, The Saint's Delight - Chris Wilhelm (v.3,4)
165, Babylon is Fallen - Julianne Wiley
280, Zion - Leslie Booher


200, Parting Hand
Don Wiley gave the closing prayer.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

This annual singing is scheduled to take place next year,
Saturday before the Third Sunday in April.

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