4th New Year's Day Georgian Harmony Singing

The Hollingsworths' Home
Ila, Madison County, Georgia

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Annual New Year's Day Singing from The Georgian Harmony was held on January 1, 2011 at the home of John and Elsie Hollingsworth near Ila, GA.

The class was called to order by Chair Bill Hollingsworth leading 97. John Plunkett gave the invocation and led 68. Leaders: Judy Mincey 74; Ellen Lee 25; Chris Wilhelm 100; Molly Ellis 63; Oscar McGuire 59; John Hollingsworth 18; Robert Kelley 28; Jackie Elsner 105; Helen Bryson 22; Buck Lee 19; Mary Baumeister 90; Beth Hagues 109; Mary Brownlee 6. A short business session elected Bill Hollingsworth, Chair; John Plunkett, Vice-Chair and Judy Mincey, Secretary. This was followed by a recess.

John Plunkett reconvened the class by leading 47. Leaders: Bill Hollingsworth 42; Judy Mincey 94; Ellen Lee 99; Chris Wilhelm 92; Charlene Wallace 118; Oscar McGuire 65; Michael Spencer 9, 33; Robert Kelley 111; Jackie Elsner 4; Helen Bryson 108; Buck Lee 20; Mary Baumeister 8.

After a grace by John Hollingsworth all enjoyed a bountiful lunch.

Bill Hollingsworth called the class to order by leading 18. Leaders: John Plunkett 110; Mary Brownlee 54; Judy Mincey 26; Chris Wilhelm 58; Oscar McGuire 49; John Hollingsworth 11; Michael Spencer 13; Robert Kelley 87; Jackie Elsner 16; Helen Bryson 34; Mary Baumeister 51; Mary Brownlee 107; Judy Mincey 58; Beth Hagues 42; Oscar McGuire 95; Michael Spencer 52; Jackie Elsner 67; Judy Mincey 66.

After announcements, Bill Hollingsworth led 45 as the closing song and John Plunkett dismissed the class with prayer.

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