Bibb County Christian Harmony Singing Convention

Old Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Centreville, Bibb County, Alabama

Sunday, July 25, 2010

All selections from The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing).

Billy Thompson called the class to order leading 307. Jeff James offered the opening prayer. Billy Thompson led 281b, then called leaders as follows: Jeff James 215, 304; Danny Creel 10, 123; Tim Cook 334, 345; Luke Daniel 109; Louise Crunk 248, 179; Henry Guthery 40t, 39; Sarah Smith 117, 59b; Donna Carol Kornegay 128b, 55b.


Billy Thompson resumed the class by leading 277, then called the following leaders: David Daniel 165, 180; Emily Creel Burleson 170, 214 (for Ruth Wyers); Eddie Pierce 188t, 40b; Wanda Capps 264, 85b; Gabe Sonnier 187; Robert DuPree 143, 293; Ken Tate 176, 172. Blessing for the noon meal offered by Tim Cook.

Lunch hour.

Billy Thompson commenced the afternoon session by leading 157. The following singers were then called to lead: Gary Smith 367, 46t; Harrison Creel 31t, 238; Mako Cook 51, 67b; Ann Jett 93, 149; Margie Simmons 142, 78b; Leanna Kornegay 184, 255; Dawson Dockery 171, 91; Ola Meadows 338b, 134; Yancey Jett 96, 354t; Harvey Dockery 290; Emily Creel Burleson 186; Caitlin James Graff 349, 82b; Yancey Jett 287, 131; Henry Guthery 133, 54; Emily Creel Burleson 64; Crystal Hendricks 117; Tim Cook 52.

Announcements were made. Billy Thompson led 23b as the closing song. Harvey Dockery offered the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Tim Cook, Secretary.

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