1st New Year's Eve Singing at Ila

The Hollingsworths' Home
Ila, Madison County, Georgia

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Books: The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing) and The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.
Singers often led two tunes at a time.

Selections from Christian Harmony

73t, Ella's Song - John Hollingsworth

Opening Prayer - John Hollingsworth

72b, Joyful News
345b, The Shepherd's Star - Jane Spencer
172, The Grand Highway
85b, Mercy Seat - Dan Huger
93, Something New
199, Vernon - Chris Wilhelm
281b, Palmetto
214, Hosanna - Mildred Chandler
131, Will You Meet Me?
369, Easter Anthem - Bill Hollingsworth
280t, Zion - Judy Mincey
50, Cranbrook
67b, Dundee - Rodney Chandler (for Roger Keane)
117, Angel Band
36b, Albion - Mary Baumeister
290b, Anchor
91, There is a Fountain - Ben Chandler
264, Harwell


Selections from the Sacred Harp

155, Northfield - Scott Swanton
152, Shepherds Rejoice - Karen Redwine
192, Schenectady (by request)
358, Murillo's Lesson - Angela Benton (by request)
145t, Warrenton - Jonathon Smith
47b, Idumea
56b, Villulia - Robert Kelley
354b, Happy Land
354t, Lebanon - John Plunkett
195, Worcester
186, Sherburne - Terry Chandler
178, Africa


The afternoon sessions were both Leader's Choice. (Songs from The Sacred Harp (1991) are tagged with 'SH', songs from The Christian Harmony (Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing) are tagged with 'AL', and one from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1994 reprint) is tagged with 'CHw'.)

250 (AL), Realms of the Blest - John Hollingsworth
312b (SH), Restoration (First) - Erin Mills
269 (SH), Bear Creek - Erin Mills and Lee Rogers (by request)
86 (SH), Poland - Michael Spencer
207 (SH), Louisiana
523 (SH), Pleyel's Hymn (Second) - Larry Beveridge
373 (SH), Homeward Bound
59 (SH), Holy Manna - Chrissy Worley and Jane Spencer
159 (SH), Wondrous Love
163b (SH), China - Jane Spencer (by request)
58b (AL), Primrose - Dan Huger
480 (SH), Redemption - Chris Wilhelm
146 (SH), Hallelujah - Bill Hollingsworth (with Amazing Grace as last verse)
49 (AL), Forever with the Lord - Judy Mincey


24t (AL), Volusia - John Hollingsworth
499 (SH), At Rest - Mary Baumeister
350 (AL), The Rock - Scott Swanton
162 (SH), Plenary - Jonathon Smith
306 (AL), Middlebury - Lee Rogers
48b (SH), Kedron - Robert Kelley
189t (CHw), Holden - John Plunkett
503 (SH), Lloyd - Michael Spencer
316 (AL), This Heavy Load - Larry Beveridge
171 (AL), Sessions - Dorothy Lane
62 (SH), Parting Hand - John Hollingsworth

Closing Prayer - John Plunkett

The next singing at the Hollingsworth Home in Ila, GA will be Saturday, January 20, 2007, 7:00 pm–9:00 pm.

Minutes by Jane Spencer

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