Creel Memorial Christian Harmony Singing

Old County Line Church
Corner, Jefferson County, Alabama

Sunday, January 17, 2016

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

The annual Creel Memorial Christian Harmony singing was held at Old County Line Church on the third Sunday in January. The class was called to order by Yancey Jett and Cassie Allen leading 31t. Ken Tate offered the opening prayer. Yancey Jett then led 307.

Leaders: Cindy Tanner 51; Judy Caudle 264, 322; Henry Johnson 25t, 274; Billy Thompson 355; Chris Wilhelm 327, 121t; Wanda Capps 257, 258; Bea Aaron 131, 149; Jeff James 50, 54.


Yancey Jett called the class back to order by leading 281b. Leaders: Michael Spencer 310t, 410b; Eli Snyder 43, 262; Adam Brasich 275, 354; Nancy Hogan 468, 493b; Darrell Swarens 341, 91; Nicholas Thompson 1, 52; Rebecca Over 296, 316 (in memory of her mother); Joan Aldridge 168b.


Cindy Tanner led 64 to bring the class back to session. Leaders: Michael Walker 256t, 411; Don Keeton 70b, 47; Will Fitzgerald 339, 336; Linda Sides 109, 162 (for Ottis Sides); Bill Hogan 402b, 172; Chris Cotter 320, 386.


The afternoon session began with Cassie Allen leading 80. Leaders: Richard Mauldin 61b; Samuel Sommers 263, 255, 230; Danny Creel 186, 110; John Plunkett 478b, 546, 250 (for John Hollingsworth); Ken Tate 490, 432; Ann Jett 180, 170; Emily Brown 82, 338b; Gary Glover and Bill Hogan 215; Michael Spencer 13; Eli Snyder 74; Cassie Allen 176, 308, 332, 182; Darrell Swarens 81t; Emma Hayden Calvert and Gracie Davis and Ainslie Allen 117; Michael Walker 38; Rebecca Over 544; Will Fitzgerald 147; Chris Cotter 105t; Adam Brasich 292; John Plunkett 282; Nicholas Thompson 135; Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan 111b; Ken Tate 372 (by request, for Velton Chafin and Elsie Moon); Cindy Tanner 166, 287.

Announcements were made. Yancey Jett, Shelley Calvert, Emily Brown, and Cassie Allen led 93 as the closing song. Danny Creel offered the closing prayer.

Co-chairpersons—Yancey Jett and Cassie Allen; Secretary—Emily Brown.

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