The Little Hope Christian Harmony Singing

Little Hope Primitive Baptist Church
Eoline, Bibb County, Alabama

Sunday, June 2, 2013

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Billy Thompson called the class to order leading 323, followed by Jeff James offering the opening prayer. Billy Thompson led 130b, then called leaders as follows: Jeff James 265, 264 (for Ruth Wyers); Tim Cook 67t, 111b; Margie Simmons 142, 110; Doug Wyers 63t, 201; Mako Cook 81t, 51; Deborah Feaster and Eric Feaster 143, 109; Tim Taylor 16, 41t.


Billy Thompson resumed the class by leading 355, then called the following leaders: Paige Phillips Brendlinger 117; Eddie Pierce 82b, 188; Mary Amelia Taylor 131; descendants and relatives of Barney Thompson 91, 179. A poem was recited by Bama Armstrong.

Recess for dinner.

Billy Thompson brought the afternoon session together by leading 355. The following leaders were then called: Tyrone Morris 303, 159b; Tom Nelson 85; Louise Crunk and Tim Taylor 248, 214; Caitlin Graff 255, 50; Dawson Dockery 165, 171; Sarah Beasley 76b, 59b; Harvey Dockery 341; Ola Meadows and Paige Phillips Brendlinger and Bobby Brendlinger III 289, 175; Mary Amelia Taylor 184; Seth Holloway 359, 369; Tim Cook 61b.

Announcements were made. Billy Thompson led 23b as the closing song. Harvey Dockery offered the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Tim Cook, Secretary.

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