Bibb County Christian Harmony Singing Convention

Old Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Centreville, Bibb County, Alabama

Sunday, July 28, 2013

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Billy Thompson called the class to order leading 323. Jeff James offered the opening prayer. Billy Thompson led 289. Leaders were then called as follows: Jeff James 293, 303; Eddie Pierce 188, 55b; Ann Jett 147, 93; David Daniel 149, 189; Mary Amelia Taylor 187, 441; Ken Tate 166, 497; Deborah Feaster 143, 287.


Billy Thompson resumed the class by leading 157, then called the following leaders: Tim Taylor 214, 130b; Karen Daniel 109, 77; Wanda Capps 264, 258; Louise Crunk 248, 179; Robert DuPree 63, 142; Tim Cook 67t, 516. David Daniel asked the grace before lunch.


The afternoon session was commenced by Bill Thompson leading 91, then calling the following leaders: Jeff James 316, 14; Dawson Dockery 165, 171; Harvey Dockery 95, 50; David Daniel 184, 180; Tim Taylor 41t, 397; Ann Jeff 96, 170; Tim Cook 208, 486t; Eddie Pierce 341, 82b; Mary Amelia Taylor 336; Wanda Capps 85; Ken Tate 462t, 121t; Louise Crunk and Billy Thompson 117; Karen Daniel and Jeff James 249; Robert DuPree 343, 293.

A business session was held. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: President—Jeff James; Vice-President—David Daniel; Chaplain—Dawson Dockery; Secretary—Tim Cook.

Announcements were made. Billy Thompson led 23b as the closing song. Harvey Dockery offered the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jeff James, Secretary.

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